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I Know! – Long Time No Blog!

On top of my usual health, and disabling conditions issues, I managed to catch a nasty virus around Christmas Time and spent a while around the New Year with no voice and no energy whatsoever.  It’s taken me this long to improve a little bit and get enough energy to get on my laptop to work on my Design Team inspiration pieces for Dragons Lair Designs.

I should have posted my inspiration piece for the Dragons Lair Designs Inspiration Blog at the begining of the month some time, and posted my inspiration piece for the Dragons Lair Designs Challenge Blog – January Challenge the 1st Friday of the month.  But here I am at the 20th without doing either.  So I’ve decided to make a combined, “digital”, creation for this month, and hope I’ve improved quite a bit more by next month to make up for my lack of crafting inspiration lately.


Here’s a bit about the challenge blog, with links –

DLD Challenge BadgeDLD DT BadgeEach ”Dragons Lair Designs Challenge” goes live the first Friday of the month with a new theme each time. The winner will get picked by “Random” so that it is fair for all levels of crafters. The winner gets a prize, as well as a badge for their blog, and the winning entry will also be highlighted on the challenge blog the following month. Although we’d love to see Dragons Lair Designs items on your creation, you may ENTER the challenge using ANY MATERIAL you wish as long as you clearly follow the set theme. You may enter the challenge with ONE entry per month. So why not consider joining in with us this month – go to the challenge blog and have a look at the rules and the inspiration created by my fellow Design Team members.

The theme for January 2017 is “New Beginnings”

This can be ANY ONE project interpreting the theme NEW BEGINNINGS in whatever way you are inspired! While the image gives the impression of a baby card the theme is more open and can be any new beginning.


As I said earlier that I was going digital this month I’m guessing that most of you are thinking I’ve gone for digital scrapbooking – but no, I’ve gone down a new route this time.

As well as new babies, “New Beginnings” can also bring to mind New Year’s Resolutions.  But I’m not big on them.  So my inspiration project isn’t strictly about New Year’s Resolutions either but more of a reminder to myself, and anybody else who will use my laptop, that regular breaks should be taken when working on computer screens.

What I decided to do was use the skills and software I usually use to create digital scrapbooking pages to create a new background for my laptop desktop to remind myself to rest often while on the laptop.  I don’t know about you but when I am feeling reasonable I tend to keep going for far longer than I should and then pay for it with worse health for days afterwords, so by making a layout to replace the choice of half a dozen generic backgrounds that come with Windows I hope to remind myself as the laptop goes on that I need to take breaks.



I started by finding the resolution of my laptop desktop area (right click, graphics properties, then display gave me what I wanted on my laptop).

I then opened my software and drew out an area in the same proportions on my working area.

Dragons Lair Designs Item:


  • My Craft Studio Elite software


I like to have my program icons placed in separate areas on my screen for different types of software and software I use most often, so as well as making a panel with my reminder using items from the Artistic Expressions collection I also used other items from the collection to make zones on my working area.

Having played around for a bit I was happy with my layout and saved it as a .jpg file.

I then went into the “Personalise” area in windows (Right click on an empty bit of the desktop and select “Personalize” on my laptop).  Then I “Browsed” to the location I’d saved my file and selected it.

And this is the result.

I think I need to change the position of a few things a little bit, but as a 1st attempt I’m quite pleased with my new desktop layout.

I know that any image on a laptop or computer can be set as a background on a computer, but I think that having a play with creating a new digital layout, that could of course be a “digital scrapbook” style layout with photos and captions if you want, can make the experience of looking at a computer when it is turned on a bit different.  And of course you could have a “new begining” however often you wanted by creating a new layout with a new photo or caption.



Please go over to the “Dragons Lair Designs Challenge Blog” and have a look at my fellow Design Team members’ inspiration pieces and to enter your creations.

I can’t wait to start visiting your blogs to see.


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