A Project I’m Working On – Part 2

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A Continuation Of The Work On My Latest Project


Well – I promised in my blog post of the 3rd March that I would keep slowly working on my project and blog some updates as I went along.  So three days later I’m back again with a look at how far I’ve got by now. This won’t be the most interesting blog post I’ve ever written, either verbally or pictoraly, but I have taken photos of what I’ve done.



At the moment my arms are really sore and quite weak, so I didn’t want to either lift up my larger die cutting machine or have to turn the handle a lot.  When the SNAP die cutting machine came out I invested in one just for such occasions – a bit lighter to move around, but even more importantly – it doesn’t need to be hand cranked – which is a bonus when I’m not up to much – and I can even use it on a tray in bed as a battery inside can be charged up and then it can be used without being connected to anything, though, on this occasion I had it put on one side of the kitchen table for me and did a bit at a time and went back to bed to rest in between.  I know I’ve got plenty of equipment already, but, with things as they were with my health and everything when this little machine was launched, I decided it would be worth it for occasions such as these.

I’m aiming to decorate my plaque with the letter G, which you can see in it’s “raw” state in my previous post, with some flowers.  Now I like a bit of varying colour depth in flowers, rather than them being a flat colour but, while I do have inks, etc., that I could use to colour up my creations, I’m just not feeling up to getting messy and then wasteing a proporting of my crafting time both wipeing up and putting everything away at the end.  And that is why I wanted the digital download backgrounds I told you about and showed you last time.

One sheet gives me varying depths of colour, and each sheet I’ve printed on the back a slightly different coloured background – well I say “each sheet” – I have to admit that, not only did I manage to put one sheet back in so that it double printed on the same side as I told you about in my last post, but, as you’ll see below, I did manage to get thouroughly mixed up at one stage and got wrong colours on the backs of some sheets.  But hey, who cares?!  I’ll make them work and use them up some how.

The dies I’m using for this project are all Fleurs Flower dies that I’ve slowly collected for a while but only used a few of them on small projects up to now.  I’m not going to go listing every one I’ve used, but I have photographed the flower layers created together with the die set used in each case, so if you are interested you can just do a search.

This sheet was one where I’d made a slight mistake in printing with an orange shade on the front and a pink shade on the back, so we’ll see what the flowers come out like when I’ve had a play. I’ve flipped one so you can see.

I’d folded the sheets in half and cut everything out twice in one go. I had hoped that turning back the corner on this one would show you the slight variation in the colour between the front and back, but the picture doesn’t show the colours like I wanted.

I haven’t used the larger flower layer dies for any of the flowers.

This was another where I’d got pink on the back of orange but I’ve not flipped any this time.

And two more flower types.

While two of the sheets of green were fine with me, with two different greens either side, the third sheet was another “wps” with a shade of orange on the back, but I’ve used it to cut leaves and may well use them with the orange side up.

And after cutting everything out using the dies I reached for the Fleurs Flower Forming Punches to cut out some smaller leaves and flower heads from the waste paper, both the white areas not printed on and the colour printed papers.  These I think will be good for filling out some areas on my project in the end.  I had to do a lot of stopping and starting when using the punches, but I’ve got a nice bundle together before I gave up and just threw the rest of the papers.

So, my next stage will be to attach the letter to the plaque and make up flowers using the pieces I’ve cut out.  Probably won’t all be realistic, but I’m hopeing that they will all look nice together by the time I’ve finished them.


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