A Project I’m Working On – Part 3

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This Is A Further Continuation Of The Work On My Latest Project


I’m keeping up with documenting the progress of my latest project.  I’ve even managed to start looking through some photos of my creatings that I’ve got on my laptop saved under the heading of unblogged, that I obviously made and photographed some months ago and never did anything with the photos, so expect to see some of them appearing in my blog posts soon.  I hope you liked seeing what I showed you yesterday as the start of my “catchup” posting.

In case you missed my previous posts on this project – you can find them here:



My first job was to stick the covered letter to the painted plaque.

I used Pinflair Glue Gel to glue the letter in place, dabong big blobs of the glue behind the letter so that it is raised from the plaque.

Then it was out with the Pinflair Glue-it Bookbinding glue, foam, ball tools, flower shaping tray, etc., to start putting some shape to my cut-outs and layering them up.

So in the order I showed you the cut-outs in my previous post, here are what I made –

The first of the ones with pink printed onto the back of orange.

Two shades of pink through to red.

Some more with paler pink on one side and a reder pink on the other.

Another of the pink/orange ones – I’ve used both sides for these flowers.

Some more pink flowers – fo you think I’ve overdone the shades of pink? I’ll have to see when I start placeing everything together.

I made one larger rose and a smaller bud with the Luxury Rose die cuts.

I quite like how the leaves look after some shapeing, especially the ferns.

The small punched out items have also been given some minimal shapeing.  I’m thinking of adding some gems or nuvo drops to the center of these flowers, and to some of those above as well.

What I need to do next is get a cord or ribbon attached to the plaque so that my finished work can be hung, and then to play around with laying the flowers out in different positions to see which I like best before sticking them in place.  Keep an eye out for my next post about this project, and also for more “catchup” posts showing you things I’ve made over the last 18 months or so but haven’t shown you all yet.


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