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My Completed Wall Plaque


Well, it’s taken me quite a few days to make, but it is finished!  Hope you like it.

In case you missed my previous posts on this project – you can find them here:


Information on what I’ve used can be found, with some links, in the previous posts, but I do need to give a special thank you to Janette Padley of Dragons Lair Designs for putting together the digital download backgounds collections for me.  She’s got a shop up on Etsy – here, a Dragons Lair Designs Facebook Page – here, a Dragons Lair Designs Fan Group – here, a Dragons Lair Designs Blog – here, and is also on CraftsUprint – here.


I started by making up a cord to hang up my plaque.  I decided to make one up myself from three lengths of 6 stranded embroidery thread.  The paler thread in the center and the two darker lengths knotter around using a macramé twisting knot. I wanted a bit of texture, though you can’t really see the twist unless you look really closely because of the small size ofthe threads used, but I think it’s going to work well for what I want.

To attach I threaded the knotted cord through the holes in the plaque and then threaded an end of the thread through a bead and tied it in place to prevent the cord slipping out of the holes.

Next for the decorating – I put the plaque with letter flat on the table and started clustering the flowers and leaves I created on it.

Once I’d got it roughly how I wanted it I started gluing everything in place using Pinflair Glue Gel.  I had thought of using a hot glue gun but decided on the glue gel as it takes longer to set and I wanted the time to move things around until I was happy with how things looked.  I used a big mound of the glue for the center of the largest cluster in the bottom left to hold up the cluster of flowers.


Once I got to this stage I decided I wasn’t quite happy with the plaque.  It needed something else.  After a discusion with my mother we decided it needed something round the edge but not more flowers.

So what I decided to do was cut some strips of paper and added different options before laying them on the plaque so that Mam and I could pick the one we liked best.  Always good to have a second opinion when you can’t decide of finishing touches.

From a not very good attempt at distress inks to spots of a purple alcohol ink pen, it was one up from the bottom we decided on in the end – which is Nuvo Drops.

Chooseing to add the drops around the edge after doing the other decorating made it difficult for me to use a ruler to space the dots out evenly, but I managed in the end.

Mam likes it so much I’m going to make one for her as well. So keep an eye out for that.


Well, this is it!

Closeup of one area.

The whole piece.

So, onward next with a few UFOs and some more projects I’ve got worked out and the materials bought ready to start. As I tend to craft depending on which bit of me is aching the most, and how I’m feeling on any particular day, I haven’t decided what to do next, but I have had our cleaner pop my sewing machine on one corner of our kitchen table for me so I may get on with putting together some patchwork squares I’ve cut out a while ago. Wait and see!

Oh, and I’ve still got to post some catchups of previously made but unblogged items.


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