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Patchwork Cushion Cover


I have a lot of Projects Half Done (PHDs).  My problems with health issues, etc., over the last couple of years has meant that I’ve started things that have never got finished, in addition to the projects I’ve actually finished but not blogged (some of which I’m showing you now as a series of “catchup” posts.)

I said at the end of my last post that I’d got our cleaner to pop my sewing machine on the kitchen table for me, with a view to me getting some sewing done.  I’ve got several patchwork creations on the go – lots of pieces cut out for making quilts and cushion covers, and I’ve now managed to complete – 1 cushion cover! Well, it is a start!


I used the 4″ finished square die from my AccuQuilt 8″ cube to cut out lots of squares from two pieces of cotton material a few weeks ago.  (Still got lots left after this project to make more cushion covers.)

I’ve also cut out an assortment of pieces from other materials for quilts and have started making up 8″ blocks from them over the last few months – more on those at a later date – but when I got in a muddle with Y seams on one particular block, and had to do some unpicking, I decided that perhaps I should work on something simpler.

Hence getting on with this cushion cover for a foam cushion I’d cut out and put on a chair in the kitchen to remind me to get on with the project over a month ago.  I used 2″ upholstery foam for the cushion. Still got some left to make more –

After sewing the squares together I used temporary fabric spray adhesive to attach a very light weight wadding to the back before machine quilting 0.25″ either side of the seams between the squares.  I know! Still managed to wiggle in places even with a guide.

When I’d cut out the squares I’d also used an Accuquilt strip cutter to cut strips from one of the materials used.  After the quilting I sewed this around the sides before cutting out and sewing on an envelope back to the cover.  I then went over the seams with an overcasting stitch to give the seams more substance and help prevent any fraying.

Oh, forgot to say that I used some of the strips to make ties that I sewed into the seam between back and sides so that tge cushion can be tied to the kitchen chair.

And this is what the finished cover looks like on the cushion.


Now I need to get back to the quilt blocks to see how far I get with making my single bed quilts.

Keep an eye out for some more catchup posts of created but never blogged items as well.  I’m trying to get my mother to wear two creations I made for her over the last 15 months – 1 sewing project and 1 crochet – so that I can show you those at some point.


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