Catchup Post 4 – A Couple Of Items For My Mum

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A Dress And  Wrap


This morning, Monday early, as I’m trying to put together this catchup post, there is a little snow on the ground outside. Not a lot, but a bit, as you can see in this photo taken from our back door.

This is another catchup post and will probabay take a day or two to get the photos of the items I’m going to write about, and get everything written up.

A year to eighteen months ago I made a nice, warm, dress for my mother.

I used the “Golden Rule” system to make a pattern of a dress shape she liked, but I adjusted the sleeves to make them more capped rather than the ones in the original pattern, as Mam has problems getting dressed and needs the more roomy sleaves.

It fit her fine, but I did make one mistake – I had her stand up straight to pin up the hem! The problem is that my mother doesn’t walk up straight – she leans forward quite a bit onto her walking frame and therefore the back of the dress goes up a bit higher than she’d like as she walks.  Nevertheless she has worn it a bit at Christmas and when using her wheelchair, as then she was then sitting down.

Then, just as it started getting cold at night autumn last year, my mother asked me to look out a bed jacket or cardigan for her to put on during the night if it got cold, which I did. But I got thinking – as she has a carer come in to help her get changed morning and evening, how would she manage to put on a cardi on her own at night?

Earlier in the year I’d bought a wrap for myself that is easier to throw on and I thought something similar would suit Mam as well, but the sale I’d got it in had finished, so I decided to crochet her one for Christmas – something I could do a very little at a time, in bed, with pillows supporting my arms. As she likes the colour blue I decided to use various shades of blue yarn.

I’ve got this much left, so another project for the future.

I crocheted it using the classic “granny square” stitch of the clusters of three trebles for the main body, with a few rows of evenly spaced trebles around the edge.

The main part of it was made using various shades of blue Aran weight, while the edge was made of darker blue Double Knit Yarn.

And this is the finished wrap.


I said that Mam had worn the warm dress I made her first at Christmas, well this is her wearing the dress together with the wrap.


More catchups, as well as things I’m currently working on, to come over the next few werks – hopefully! So please do pop back again.


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  1. These are fabulous Gwyneth, beautifully modelled by your Mum xx