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Some Bracelets


After a not very nice year last year between everything, I had hoped that this year would start better – but that was not to be.

I’d had problems with one eye towards the end of last year, with more than one visit to the optitian to keep an eye on it in case it was the start of my retina becoming detached.  Over the Christmas and New Year holiday the other eye started with the same flashing symptoms and floaters, except it was interfearing more with my vision. So after a discussion over the phone with the optitian it was down to the optitians to have my eyes looked at again on the first Thursday of the year. He wasn’t happy with what he was seeing and referred me to a hospital around 30 miles away, making an appointment for me the following afternoon.  The consultant/surgeon of course wasn’t there, it being a Friday afternoon at the end of the holiday period, so when the doctor who examined my eyes realised that I’d got a tare in my retina and that was causing the retina to come away from the eye, she had to refer me on to another hospital for an emergency eye operation.  It was gone 6 pm by the time she got things sorted.

I had to be at the Bristol Eye Hospital for an emergency operation by 7.30am the following morning. A journey of over 100 miles further. Oh, and I had to put some drops in on the way so that my eyes were already dilated before I got there.

So, off I went, and after form filling, further looking in my eye, etc., followed by the opperation, I was  sitting back in the ward by 11.00am and not allowed to lie down for five days because they’d put gas in my eye to press against the tare, and gas rises and with the tare at the top of my eye the gas bubble had to be kept there.

I’m now awaiting a further follow-up checkup to see how things are progressing.

The reason I’m telling you all this is that, of course, I needed someone to drive me to these places, (as, even if my eye wasn’t causing me problems, my M.E. means that there is no way I could have driven myself those sort of distances) – and the people who drove me were various members of my family.

I wanted to make something for them as a thank you and decided on some jewelery.  And while I was at it, make one for myself as well.

And that is what I’ve got to show you today, made towards the end of January when I was alliwed to hold my head downwards again after the gas bubnle had gone.

I did start off with a pack of kits to make several bracelets of the same design, but of different colour combination, which included very clear instructions.

The kit was by TotallyBeads and is called –  Next Generation Elastic Bracelet Kit with Czech Cabochons and Superduos.   The only problem was that I have very big wrists so had to source the beads for my bracelet from elsewhere. I gave people the choice of which colour bracelet they wanted to receive.

I’ve still got a fewfrom the collection of 7 to make up. They may be given to charities, I havent decided yet.

This is the one my youngest sister chose.

I didn’t tie the bracelets off until they had been chosen as it allowed me to get a perfect fit by removing some beads.  This first one was chosen by my youngest sister who made the journey to Bristol with me, not only for the opp but a fortnight after I came out she took me back for the first checkup.

This is the one I made for myself.

And hopefulky you can see the difference in sizes in this photo.

For my niece, who drove me to the ‘local’ hospital and then on to my youngest sister’s house, I made this bracelet.

After adjusting the bracelet to fit her I had enough beads left to make these earing drops.

I added a pair of silver fishook ear wires to the drops before giveing then.


So, what to work on next? Not quite sure.  I’ve got so many different types of crafting projects either on the go or ready to start, so I guess what I do next depends on where my aches and pains are worse.


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