Getting A Bit Messy

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Some Screen Printed Items


The items I’ve got to show you today I’d got planned and bought all the items, but hadn’t started until now.

On the whole I don’t do messy. As my health/disabling conditions vary such a lot from day to day, and even hour to hour, I tend to keep away from messy projects that require a lot of clearing up. Especially anything messy that requires washing up before things dry. It just takes the joy out of crafting an item if my pains get too bad or my arms too weak to clear up afterwords and I’m left staring at paint or other stuff that does need to be washed immediately, so as not to ruin the equipment for future use. I feel better about things if I an just able to leave anything and go to lie down, even half way through a project, knowing that things will be fine if left till later. But I had started collecting things to do screen printing, both equipment, consumables, and some items to print onto, a while ago.  So it was just a case of when.

I decided to have a go at it after breakfast one morning when I knew I was expecting a carer mid morning to help me with things like showering and washing my hair.  My reasoning being that at least that way, if I managed to get the printing ink over me, I would at least end up clean afterwords.

I’ve only bought a small number of Screen Sensation screens, four if I remember rightly, and they are all of animals.  I had bought some white t-shirts in a size to fit my youngest nephews and shown them what I’d got that I could print on them, so those were the projects I tackled first.

My first project was a dog.

I used black and blue black ink for this one, then, as I’d used two colours I put the unused into a spare tub.

And the next a girraff.

This time I used fawn and ginger, together with a spot of the spare black dotted on the eyes. The spare ink was again put in the spare pot. I didn’t mix this ink up, but left it a bit marbled.

Neither was completely perfect – don’t think I had an even enough pressure all the way to the end of the pull so even though the paint was pulked over the whole screen and I couldn’t see any mesh, the bottom of the last two Ls were not printed and had to be filled in by hand.

I then decided, as I had the giraff screen attached to the Screen Sensations frame, I would print that onto a bag next.

I think that the print was better on this one as I knew by now about pressing till the end.

This bag I gave as a gift to the elder of my two sisters as a thank you for running me down to the optitians for the initial tests the begining of the year before I had to go into hospital for the eye operation.  I knew she wouldn’t want a bracelet, like I showed you in my last post that I gave my youngest sister and niece as thank you gifts.

Again I used fawn and ginger together with some of the black from the spare pot.

I did try the technique to transfer an image of a fox onto a candle next by printing onto funky foam and then rolling onto the candle. It wasn’t a sucess with me. Barely a shaddow of the image transferred, so I washed off the candle and will do something else to decorate it in the future.  I think I was just too exhausted, and my arms were too weak, by this stage to apply a good enough pressure to transfer the printed image from the foam to the candle.

But as I’d got the smaller screen of a fox in the Screen Sensation frame I did do a quick print onto cardstock. I had masked off the wording on this one.

This time  I made use of the inks in my spare mixed ink pot, together with a couple of splashes of bronze ink. It worked well having the variations of colour.  After using the spare ink for my attempt on the candle as well as this image the stuff in the pot is getting more muddy than marble, but I will use it on a project sometime in the future.

I’ll use this one for a papercrafting project before long. So keep an eye out for a post about that.


So, that’s it for today.  I’m off to work on another PHD.  Have a great crafting day.


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