Easter Egg Hunt With A Difference

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Find Those Eggs


 I don’t do hiding of eggs all over the garden and letting the youngest nephews loose to find what they can.

But I have been doing egg hunts with a difference.  Some years I’ve hidden one egg each for them at different locations and given them hot and cold clues to them until they find them all.  One year I did rhyming clues that led to a location where there was another clue and they might find a small bag of eggs with their name, or my name, or my mother’s name (or even a bag of sugar free treets for my father as he was a diabetic).  And by the time they’d followed the clues around the place they would have given something nice to everybody who’s names were on the bags and got a bag of the same amount of eggs each themselves.

One year they were set the task of going in a relay to hunt following clues that would be handed to each of them in turn when the other returned – they could discuss the clues with each other but only one could be out searching at any one time.

Always a slight variation in how the egg hunt was done.

This year I gave them one written card with basic instructions written like this:


Heb Creu Anibendod

Wyau papur sydd eleni,

I chwilio amdanynt yn Maes Mieri.

Ond gwiliwch allan am y lliwiau a’r rhifau,

Ugain gwyrdd sydd angen arna’i.

Anti Gwyneth

Not a great literary masterpiece I know, but a bit of fun for them.

When I’d printed out the instruction verse I’d also printed out lots of egg shapes with numbers on them. 20 with numbers 1 to 20 that had a green outline and half a dozen or so with random numbers in the same range but had blue outlines.  These were hiden around the house as I did my morning chores.

I also took four plastic bags. Into two I put a medium sized egg with mug each – for the boys parents.  Into the other two I put an assortment of eggs from mini to larger, a Haribo Chick and Mix, chocolate carrots, mini chocolate bunny, etc., ready for the boys.

The boys were shown these to start with.

The boys had to read the instructions, and I gave them added information as they did so.

“Cydweithio” means working together – they were warned that any pushing, shoving, or fighting would result in eggs being removed from their bags and placed in their parents bags.

“Heb greu anibendod” means without creating a mess – again they were warned that if they left a trail of distruction after then, with things thrown about during the search, eggs would be transfered from their bags to their parents bags.

The next two lines told them that they were looking for paper eggs around the house – I did tell them that I had been in every room/area of the house that morning, except for the garage, and that I’d left at least two paper eggs in each room/area I’d been except for my bedroom.

The third line tells them that they needed to look out for colours and numbers.

“Ugain gwyrdd sydd angen arnau” – twenty green is what I require. Again they were given a warning that, if they didn’t give me twenty paper eggs with green outlines at the end of the hunt, either being missing some numbers or mistakenly giving me eggs with a different coloured outline, then they would forfit an equivelent number of treets from their bags.

Off thy went, determined to work quietly and tidily together because they didn’t want to loose a single item to their parents.  And the eldest took my small camera with them to record their progress.  They took so long that I had to replace the battery part way through, and they stopped a couple of times (such as when sorting out the numbers they had found to see how many they were still missing.  And still they had well over half an hour of recording of their egg hunt.

They did come back a few times to see what extra information they could prize out of me, and it did take them a long time to find all the green ones.

I’ve taken lots of stills out of the recording they made so not all the photos are crisp and clear, but here’s a flavour of their search.

Every egg had at least a bit of it visible, except the ones in the fridge, bathroom cupboard and freezer. This is what they they were looking for, except there were slight differences in sizes.

This one was just under the edge of the tile under the vase.

By this point they had found half a dozen or so, but a long way to go

Quite a few were plainly visible when walking past, and still they missed them the first time.  It was only when walking back that the egg on this box was spotted.

Though this one was spotted very quickly

And this first one in the study was also spotted quickly.

But not the other two in the same room. This one took them a long time to find, a very long time.  They came back into the room quite a few times, and it was visible in the video clip as they panned past it several times.

Though they did find it in the end after I’d told them that everything in that room was placed where I could reach by just turning the chair from one location by the desk.

This one was another that took them a long time that I’d stuck in between the files by the side of the desk.

I had to tell one of them that he was so close at one time it could have bitten him on his behind.  Then he found it after looking over the shelves a couple of times.

Yes, the house is in a bit of a worse mess than usual – one room has been completely emptied for re-decorating, so stuff from it has been put all around the place, and that’s on top of the fact that, because of my disabilities and health issues I like to have stuff I work and craft with out and about within easy reach.  And yesterday morning, when the nephews arrived earlier than expected, I was in the middle of doing things like sorting the Sunday lunch and trying to find clean clothes in the laundry.

Now I spot a pair of shorts I made last year at the top of the basket – this should appear in a catchup post before too long.

Spot an image I’ve been colouring in here –

I should have a post showing a card made with this on my blog before the end of the week – it is now  cut out and ready to stick together.

I’d even hidden four eggs out in the utility room when fetching frozen veg for lunch.

Didn’t take them long to find this one on the kitchen unit on one side.

But this one in the upright freezer took them a long time to find.  The spent ages digging around in the small chest freezer before realising that I’d probably got the veg from the drawer in the upright freezer.

And here we have evey paper egg they found before they handed all the green ones to me so that they were given their Easter treet bags.

Nephew took this photo. The different coloured outlines are not really showing up.

And I handed over the bags of treats – yes I know, should have decorated some paper bags LOL, but didn’t have the energy for that, just planning and setting up the egg hunt was enough for me.


It will be back to crafting for my next post, hopefully tomorrow, so pop back again to see what I’ve made.


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