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Today I don’t have any finished items to show you. What I have got to show you is how I’m getting on with my “big” project to make 2 single bed sized patchwork quilts.

Hopefully, by blogging as I go, it will keep me on track to steadily work at the project and get it finished quickly – well sometime this year!

I’ve worked on several patchwork and quilting projects over the years, but haven’t made anything full bed sized before, so deciding to make two at the same time is a bit of a stretch.

I tend to stick to “safe” colour schemes, with a limited colour palet, when sewing, but wanted to go outside my comfort zone for this project, so when I saw the “Kaffe Fasset Artisan Box of 15 Fat Quarters” on Create and Craft I decided it would be a great way to go wild with colours and different materials that were made to go together. Material assortments I would never have chosen to put together.

Quite expensive to go down this route, but in addition to the fat quarters the box also contains 10 reels of cotton thread, which don’t come cheep by themselves.  I also bought the box when there were offers on, on top of my 10% off as a club member.

I’ve actually bought two boxes as I want to make two bed quilts. I also got some white cotton fabric to put in some places as contrast to all the colours.

I’d bought an AccuQuilt GO Qube Mix and Match 8 Inch Block and an AccuQuilt GO Qube 8 Inch Companion Set – Classics some time ago, together with an AccuQuilt strip cutter.  I’ve now also bought the Companion Set – Angles, though I’ve not used that to cut anything yet.

I wanted to play around with lots af different blocks for this project, rather than making a one pattern quilt, so I turned to the Accuquilt literature, pulled some of the fat quarters from the box, and got cutting.

While I did want variety, I did decide to go for three or four of the same block to make it a bit easier for me.

As I was cutting out the pieces for each block type I put all the pieces for that block tupe into a plastic bag. Then I pulled out enough pieces to make up one of the blocks, layed the pieces out how they should be, added a number – which went into the bag with the relevant pieces – and photographed the unsewn block with my tablet. (should have done that before shoveing them in the plastic bags as they got very wrinkled, but never fear I did re-iron before sewing).

Here are a small selection to show you.

The reason for this numbering and photographing was so that, when I pulled the pieces out of the bags and started sewing them into blocks I could see exactly how they should fit together by having my tablet open by my side – rather than searching through leaflets, booklets, etc., to find the original block pattern I’d chosen and then trying to work out which pieces I’d cut corresponded to which in the diagram.

At this point I decided that I didn’t want all the blocks joining together in my finished quilt, that I wanted some sashing between them.  So the next job was to decide on what colour, and also what material to use to back the quilt.

White didn’t have as much impact as I wanted, and after a discussion with Mam I decided to go for black for sashing and back.  I bought 2 large, king sized, 300 count, Egyptian cotton, black, flat sheets.  A bit unconventional, but I decided to go with it in any case.

I did wash the sheets two times and then dried them, before cutting a piece large enough for the quilt backs off, and then using my strip cutter to cut strips ready for the sashing. (The washing was to minimuse the risk of colour run in the quilts when the time comes that they have to be washed in the future, especially as one wash was at a much higher temperature than I’d ever wash a quilt at).

Then came the time to start ironing the pieces and sewing.  I’ve said before that I don’t do ironing, but I do make an exception in the case of patchwork pieces, but I do use a small travel iron rather than a full size iron or a ‘craft’ iron – the first because I find them too heavy and the second because I think they are more expensive to buy than travel irons, depending on the manufacturer and model of course.

In any case, here are a few of the blocks sewn up.

One of the number 4 blocks as above.

One of those I’d labeled number 1.

And another block.


Keep an eye out for more posts about how I’m getting on with this “‘Big’ Work In Progress” in the future.


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