Catchup Post 8 – Another Pack Of Cards

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Another Pack Of Cards


Time for another catchup showing you some more things I’ve made a while ago but hadn’t photographed and blogged.


Earlier this month I blogged a post about how I’d put together several packs of assorted cards to give to family members and friends as New Year gifts, but that two packs had gone undelivered because I landed up in the Bristol Eye Hospital the first weekend of the year rather than seeing the people who were to recrive the card packs.

In my earlier post – here – I showerd you one of the card packs. Today I’ve got the cards from the second pack to show you.

Once again the photos are at a bit of an angle because of glare.  I really will have to bet back to photographing in my usual location to get better photos, but still feel a bit wobbly to stand for long enoygh to photograph the batches of crafted items.

As you can see, like the last ones, I haven’t put any greetings on the cards. But I have included a batch of Welsh and English greetibgs so that the recipient can choose what language and occasion they want.  I don’t know if it is clear in the next photo, but I put double sided tape behind greetings panels which were not alreafy sticky so that they are ready to stick on.


Keep an eye out for a post showing the cards in the other undelivered pack before long.


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