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T-shirts and Bags


When I showed you some of my screen printing creations previously I said that I did it on a Friday morning because Friday is one of the days a carer comes in to help me with showering and doing my hair, and anything messy, either crafting or in the garden in the summer, I try to do one one of the two days when I have the little bit of help.

I didn’t make as much mess as I had feared I would, but I decided that I’d stick with the same idea and chose early one Friday to do my next batch of screen printing.

This time, in addition to two bags, I decided to decorate a T-shirt and vest top for me. I’d bought several tops on sale, but two of the Screen Sensation screens that I’d ordered and wanted to try out hadn’t turned up in time for my early morning session, so they will have be be for my next screen printing session. Of course they were delivered within an hour of me putting everything away!

In any case, early on a Friday morning I pulled all my Screen Sensation kit out, chose the screens I wanted to use, chose the items to print onto, and chose my colours.

I’d used the dog image, in black on a white T-shirt for one of my nephews in my first batch of screen printing, so I thought I’d switch it around this time and print it in white ink onto a black T-shirt for me. So a negative of what I did before. This time I taped off the wording so I’d only have a print of the image.

I also did the same onto a black bag.

For my other two projects I decided to use a monkey image. Again I taped off the wording on the screen before printing.

The first print was done using black, blue black, and a bit of brown mixture from my leftovers pot, onto a gray marl vest top for me.

The second print, using only what was in the pot of scraped off leftover paint, was onto a neutral colour bag.

This might be a bit better photo of it.

I not only managed to get the four progects screen printed, but they also dried, and I got them ironed to heat set the ink before the carer arrived. I even got everything washed and put away, except for the screens which were still drying.

And after having done the work I had to ware the T-shirt after my shower.

I even got the carer to take a photo of me in it before I crawled back to bed for a rest.

I think I look rather worn out in this photo, so not the best, but at least you can see the T-shirt with it’s print.


It’s taken me a few days to get this post written and set for publishing, but I have been working on other things in between. I’ve even had my camera out snapping photos of other things I’ve made over the last year or so that I don’t think I’ve blogged and can’t find in my file of unblogged photos either. I’m going to do a keyword search on my blog to see if I have blogged without remembering, and then get on with sheduling some more catchup posts, as well as try and keep up to date with blogging about current crafting.


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