Another Two PHD Cushions Complete

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Another 2 Patchwork Cushion Covers Complete


I’ve previously shown you two slightly different sized foam cushions I’d made patchwork, quilted, covers for – here and here)

I also showed you some more ready cut out foam pieces from more cushion Projects Half Done (PHDs).

I decided to work on both the ones with the rounded end to fit two different kitchen chairs next.

The first job was, of course, to sew together the patches I’d cut some time ago into two pieces large enough to cover the tops.  For some reason I had more of one colour than the other cut out but decided to go with what I’d got and make a different top to one cushion cover. It’s not as if all the chairs are the same, or that all chairs will have cushions with my covers on, as some of our kitchen chairs already have cushions.

Next came the bit to make the cushion covers fit the shaped foam cushion.  After a bit of thinking I decided on this method – I sprayed the back of the patchwork with the temporary fabric glue I showed you previously and put the foam down on top of it.

After checking that the patchwork was flat on the foam, and making sure I had a seam allowance on the three straight sides, I cut the patchwork in a curve, following the line of the foam but out enough to allow for the seam.

Then it was simply a case of pulling the patchwork off from the foam and placeing it back down onto the batting/wadding I’m using.  This is the one that turned out a different pattern.

I cut out the batting, leaving it a bit larger than the patchwork in each case.  Then it was a case of quilting the cushion tops.

I decided to stick with the idea of quilting a quarter inch either side of each patchwork seam.

Once the quilting was finished I trimned off the narrow margin of excess batting, and made some ties so that the finished cushion can be attached to the chair.

All that remained then was to sew the sides to the tops as I did for the last two cushions, and then sew on the two pieces of the envelope back.

And this is what one of the cushions looks like on the chair it was made for. A perfect fit even if I do say so myself!

The other also fits perfectly and looks the same except for the slight difference in pattern.


So all I’ve got left of my cushion PHDs is the one cushion I made up by sticking left over pieces together. I’ll probably just make a plain cover for that one.  Then it’s on to work on something else from my half done collection of various crafts.  What will it be next? I don’t know.  Keep an eye out and find out on my blog on a future date.


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