Catchup Post 9 – Some Clothes For Me

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Shorts And A Skirt


Time for another catchup showing you some more things I’ve made a while ago but hadn’t photographed and blogged.

This time it’s a couple of items of clothes I made for myself. I had started writing a blog post about them a while ago but had stopped because I had forgoten to take photos, so I’ve now put the shorts on and got my mother to take a quick photo, as well as taking a photo of the skirt myself.

The shorts are looking a bit worn by now a d the skirt is showing signs of being worn out the garden and so is a bit grubby.


I had a nice pair of comfy shorts that I wore around the house and garden until they were falling appart at the seams – until they were at a point that I could not ware them any more.

I decided to use them to make a pattern to make a new pair of shorts for myself.  The elasticated waistband was still fine so I kept that for the new pair.

I chose some bright, red with white stars, cotton material for this project (I later used some of what was left to make the cushion cover that I showed you – here – and I’ve still got some left for more projects.

I put a pocket on the left front the right size for me to carry my mobile phone in, and back right for me to keep a tissue or anything else I need to carry.

This is the photo Mam took of me wareing it.


Although I had some clothes suitable for putting on for going out the garden to do some gardening I was finding it difficult pulling trowsers or dungarees on and off, and also getting a skirt either up from the bottom or on over my head, so I decided to make myself a wrap around skirt that I could just pull around and tie, over my house clothes  to protect them and my damaged leg any time I would be sitting in the garden working on my pots and troughs.

I chose denim for this skirt because of it being a tough matetial that is also quite easy to care for.

This garment has also got a small pocket on the front of the left hip for my mobile phone.

I’ve also put a very large pocket on the front that can hold gloves, string, secatures, etc., whatever I need when working.

The wrap over the front is quite large so that I’m still covered down my legs when sitting down, which is how I have to be to do the limited gardening that I can do.

It ties with bright red ribbon at both hips.

This is me wearing it. One of our carers took it for me before helping me shower, after I’d been sat in the garden for a bit feeding the fish.



Keep an eye out for more sewing projects before long as I’m working on adjusting a shirt to go with the skirt.


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