My ‘Big’ Work In Progress – Part 3

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UFO Quilting – An Update


Today is another update on how I’m progressing with the patchwork for the fronts of my two single bed quilts.


Yes, I’ve been doing some more work on my quilts.

I did create a bit of a mess, but I got my Accuquilt dies out and cut some more patchwork pieces out.

I know I was going to try and photograph each planned and cut block before putting the pieces in bags and making them rumpled, but with so many different shapes of different materials being cut, and me being a bit clumsy and knocking things onto the floor, I decided to go back to putting each piece for a particular block into a bag and then taking out to photograph once I’d got all the bits cut, even if it rumpled everything.

When I came to sewing this block up I realised I’d cut enough of the center pieces to make four blocks but only cut enough to make three blocks of the outside triangles.  So next time I have a cutting session I need to cru some more.

After pressing all the pices I’d cut, I set about sewing them into squares. Then randomly picking squares to attach to the started patchwork front of the quilt I’ve shown you previously.

And now is the time to cheer! I’ve got one complete front for one quilt made up.

The matress that will go onto the top bunk that my quilts will go on is still down being aired in front of a radiator. So I hung the patchwork quilt front over the side of it. You can’t see it properly but there is another complete row of patchwork blocks as well, as a row of sashing/border, over the top of the matress making the piece five blocks plus sashing wide and seven blocks plus sashing top to bottom.

And the good thing is that I’ve already got 15 blocks sewn up as well as 10+ cut out ready for the second patchwork quilt front.


Please keep an eye out for more posts about how I’m getting on with this “‘Big’ Work In Progress” in the future.


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7 Replies to “My ‘Big’ Work In Progress – Part 3”

  1. Wow – your first big work in progress has been completed fabulously – this is so beautiful – a proper heirloom
    – super project Gwyneth!