Final PHD Cushion Complete

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Last Cushion Cover Complete


I’ve previously shown you four slightly different foam cushions I’d made patchwork, quilted, covers for – here, here, and here.

I also showed you a foam cushion I’d made by sticking three pieces I’d cut off when making the others fit the chairs I wanted them for.

A bit of trimming to even the edges and it was ready to cover.

This isn’t a cushion specifically for anywhere, in fact it will probably be used on the floor or out the garden by my nephews, so I wasn’t planning on making such an effort for the cover this time as I’d made on the previous foam cushions I’d shown you.

I went searching through my stash and found a piece of materisl left over from when I made myself a pair of shorts last year.  (I need to check but I do think that the shorts are one item in my unbloģed items that needs to be put into a “catchup” post before long.)

This time I simply cut a long piece of the material that would go all the way round the cushion with extra to hem both ends, and of the same width as the cushion plus seam allowance.  I also cut two strips 2.5″ wide by the length of the cushion plus seam allowance.

It was then simply a case of sewing in the side panels to join the cushion cover together.

I did oversew the seams with a zig-zag stitch as I thought it would need it it the cushion would get used and thrown about by the youngest nephews.

Then it was simply a case of putting the cover on the cushion.

One extra photo – on the 16th April I showed you one of the patchwork cushions I’d completed but I didn’t show it in its final location. So here it is positioned just inside the front door.


So, that’s the last of the foam cushions with covers and one PHD project complete.  I do have some ordinary cushion pads to make covers for, but those are amongst the things not yet started not PHDs. I’ve also got a round boulster cushion to complete a cover for – that is part done but I just can’t find where the bag of partly sewn pieces have been put, but with other projects on the go I’m not stuck for crafting to do.  Keep an eye out and find out what I tackle next on my blog on a future date. And I’ve still got some more Items I’ve never blogged to show you in more catchup posts as well.


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