A Simply Decorated Box

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A Decorated Box


Many of you, who have visited my blog over a period of time, will know that, in addition to crafting, one of my other hobbies is gardening.  With my health/disability issues, the vast majority of my gardening us done in troughs, tubs and raised beds, with me sitting down, but I do like to grow things, and if there are things I can’t do I get family members to help.

I had been keeping my seeds in an old plastic biscuit box, but that had been needed for something else, so I decided to get a wooden box to keep my seeds in.

I did buy one that is probably larger than I’ll ever need for the amount of seeds I buy each year, but I decided that it would be a good idea to keep labels, a pencil, etc., in there as well. So went for an extra large wooden box.

This is what it looked like before I did anything to it.

I said in my title that I was going for a simple decoration for this box. I didn’t want dimensional embelishments that would get knocked off when it is carried around and used, so what I did first was give the whole of the outside of the box a thin coat of white gesso.  I wanted to give it a bit of a whitewashed look but decided that wanted to see the woodgrain through it.

I then went to my computer and opened a blank page in MS Publisher.  I typed the word “Hadau”, which is Welsh for “Seeds”, and chose a brown colour.  I also used the facility in the software to search for an image of a seedling that was marked ‘creative commons licence’ (I hope the image was correctly marked as such because I don’t want to be breaking anybody’s copyright for an image even for a one off, personal use item like this).  This I resized and then did a copy and flipped it, then printed the items out onto white paper.

I cut the writing out as a rectangle and cut my chosen image as carefully as I could around the outline.  I used Pinflair bookbindibg glue to stick the seedling image to the front of the box at each of the bottom corners and the wording panel to the lid of the box.

Next I took strips of double sided tape and put them around the wording panel overlapping the edge of the paper and onto the box lid. After taking off the backibg paper I applied some IndigoBlu Guikding Flakes to the sticky strips. I can’t actually remember which  colour mixture I used.

This is what the wording panel looked like after guilding.

I then decided to add further strips of double sided tape over the  lid either side of the wording panel and guild those as well.

A quick coat of matt varnish and the project was complete – like I said  – a simple look.

This is what the front of the box looks like.

And here’s a look at the top.


So, that’s this particular project completed.  I think I need to get more photos of what I’m up to in the garden to show you all at some point – perhaps a scrapbook layout is called for before long.


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