My “Big” Work In Progress – Part 5

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UFO Quilting –  It’s Curtains!


I’m starting today with a bit of deviation from the two patchwork quilts I’m working on. And going to talk curtains.

When I had help to start clearing out the spare room, prior to painting, new carpet and new bunk beds, the curtains went in the wash.  Now I think that they were always a little bit short for the window, having come from my gran’s old place with my parents when they moved in here, (and other family members also remember there being a gap with some trinkets on the window sill) but I’m also sure that when we hung them back up there was more of a gap. In any case I didn’t want to either buy or make new curtains, because I’ve already taken on a big project with what I’d already planned to do for the spare room.

But once I’d cut out all the blocks needed for the two patchwork quilt fronts I realised I had enough bits of material left to make smaller blocks that I could put randomly along the bottom of the curtains, that would not only solve the problem of the gap between curtains and window sil, but would also pull the curtains into the random patchwork look of the completed quilts.

This is what I landed up with. One of the curtains –

And this is both of them hung at the window of the small spare room. Not a lot of room, so you can’t really see both I know.

But, I still had some bits left over – so I decided to add a border to the pillow cases to make them look a part of the theme as well.

So this is one of them.

And one the bottom bunk of the bed waiting for me to finish the quilt.


So, now it’s back to do more work on the quilts. Please keep an eye out for more posts about how I’m getting on with this “‘Big’ Work In Progress” in the future.


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9 Replies to “My “Big” Work In Progress – Part 5”

  1. Hi Gwyneth I love your curtain make over it looks very stylish. The pillowcases look fab too. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  2. What a great idea – it woll really pull everything together, The curtains look really good, but the pillows look stunning – your BWiP project is coming along beautifully!! Great work.

  3. Lovely quilting work!!! It looks beautiful on the curtains and pillow cases and will all come together perfectly when you finish the quilt 🙂 Hugs…Janie

  4. A fabulous idea to use your patchwork on the curtains and pillowcases Gwyneth. They all look amazing xx