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Tops And T-shirts


I was awake early Thursday morning and couldn’t get back to sleep. So I decided to get my screen printing things out onto the kitchen table and print some vest tops and T-shirts for me and the youngest nephews.

I’d got a couple of black ones for me that I wanted to try printing the peacock I printed and painted previously onto, but this time I didn’t want to do any painting, simply screen printing in gold and bronze ink.

I must say that I am a little disapointed in the results.  Neither colour pops as much as I had hoped on the black.  The print itself is good in both colours, with even the finer details of plumage and leaves all printed, but they look paler than I would have expected metalic ink colours to be on black.  Mind you, they do appear clearer inbthe photos taken with flash.

Plumage and Foliage Screen Sansation 12″ square screen with Gold ink.


Plumage and Foliage Screen Sansation 12″ square screen with Copper ink.

And closeup.

Then I went on to a white one for me with a double layer screen print of a rose.  I used Red and Leaf Green ink for the first layer of this one. Then after it had dried I used copper for the outline layer.

I knew that, with a stretchy material that moved just by pealing away the first screen after inking, that getting the second layer exactly in place without any area having stretched and moved would be nigh on impossible, so I decided to go off set on purpouse. Some is a bit further off than other areas, but I recon it looks better than it would have if some areas were spot on and some off.

And a closeup.

I think I will try this on a canvas at some point, as it could be fixed and I could try to get the outline spkt on.

After playing with screens and tops for me I went to screen print and then stamp onto T-shirts for my two youngest nephews.

I used a smaller 7″ x 5″ screen of a fox that I’d used previously on a card as the main image on both, then added their initial in the bold font stamps made to work with the Screen Sensation system.

For both I printed the fox using some dabs of red ink, some dabs of copper ink, and some big dollups from my mixture of used colours pot. The same mixture pot was used for stamping the initial.

This first one is a caramel coloured garment.

And a closeup.

And the colour of this second one is called grey marl.

And again a closeup.

As you can see, the colouring isn’t exactly the same on both foxes as it is impossible to get two prints exactly the same when using a mixture of colours.


I have a couple of screens I haven’t tried out yet. A spotty one and another pattern one.  I think they will be good for backgrounds for cards and perhaps to decorate wrapping paper or gift bags to wrap up gifts to go with the cards.  So I need to get my thinking cap on to decide exactly how I will use them, and then I’ll have another screen pribting session. So keep an eye out for a blog post about that sometime in the future.


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