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Earlier this year I showed you two plaques I’d decorated. One with a G on for me, and one with an H on for my mother.

Now that the spare room is nearly finished I thought it would be nice to decorate some plaques to go on that bedroom door. I thought that, as the room now has bunk beds it would be nice to make them with hanging wires that meant that they could be hung one on top of the other depending on who had which bunk at any particular visit.

As it will mostly be used by my two youngest nephews that meant I’d need a W and an I plaque. There was still those letters available as “Anna Marie Designs MDF Plaque and Letter” when I ordered, though I notice that now there are even fewer letters still left.

Both nephews are very similar in some ways but very different in others. I wanted there to be something in common between the plaques and some things completely different.

I decided that the papers used cover the plaques and letters would be the consistant thing between them.

I got some wood design back ground papers and some yellow American crafts papers and covered the main plaque for one and the letter for the other in the wood paper, and then did the opposite for the other. For the W I used some brown ink around the edges of the yellow to give it a more vintage look. I used Pinflair bookbinding glue throught the project.

I then got three more colours of American Crafts cardstocks and used a Kit N Caboodle Circle Cutter to cut a variety of size and colours of circles.

Then it was simply a case of sticking the circles randomly over the yellow background plaque and sticking the letters in place on both plaques.

I then used some beading wire held in place using beads and crimps to enable me to hang them at the required height, each plaque having the ability to be hung at two different heights.

Here’s the I one.

For the W plaque I asked my nephew whether he would like to make a 3D print of something on his 3D printer to decorate it.

I’m still waiting for him to decide what he wants on his plaque, but in the meantime this is what it looks like now.

I’ll blog another picture once he’s decided what’s to go on the plaque with the W. I’ve also told the other nephew he can choose anything he wants to add to his plaque as well.

And here are both hanging together on the door of the spare room.

I is on the top bunk anytime they stay over during June, then W gets the top bunk any time they stay over in July – provided nobody else, such as my youngest sister, is staying over, in which case she can choose whether to go for the bunks or pull out sofa bed.

The plaque to hang on the spare room door when she’s staying is a work in progress. Keep an eye out for a blog post about that creation in a week or so.


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