One More Plaque

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Previously I’ve shown you some plaques I’d decorated. One with a G on for me, one with an H on for my mother, one with a W for one nephew and one with an I for another nephew for when they come and stay in the spare room.

Well my youngest sister also comes to stay, and that means I had to decorate a plaque with an M on it for her when she comes.

No more M plaques were available from C&C where I’d bought the G, W and I ones from, so the M came from the same location as my mother’s H, and I requested it already painted purple.  The plaque was also from the same pack of plaques I’d got to make Mam’s one.

I started by painting the whole plaque with white gesso.

I printed out a purple shade from the Dragons Lair Designs Essential Plains digital downloads, trimmed it, and stuck it to the center of the plaque.

Next the letter was stuck on.

My sister had talked about how she was learning to crochet simple flowers to make a picture to hang up in her home, so I thought that it would be a nice touch to make crochet flowers to decorate her plaque, rather than paper flowers as I’d used on my plaque and Mam’s one.

No particular pattern or colour flowers, just making random ones in random colours, some out of leftover yarn from the end of crocheting the two blankets that were not long enough to complete another row – I thought this would be a nice touch to bring the colours of the room through to the door plaque.

I also crocheted some leaves.

Lately I’ve been trying to learn how to make some Teneriffe Lace motiffs so I thought it would be nice to add what I’ve created so far into the mix – one flower and three butterflies.

Not the easiest things for me to make with the problems in my hands, but every piece is small, made on a small paddle shaped frame, and, as you are only working with one piece of lace yarn with everything knotted off as you go along, it is something that is easy to put down every few knots and pick up hours later when I’m able, without risking looseing everything and being forced to start again.

Not made a lot so far, but I’m quite pleased with what I’ve created.

After collecting everything, I stuck the paper to the plaque and used glue gel to attached the letter raised up a bit.

I then played around with placing the embelishments in lots of different places on the plaques and taking photos. I also decided to add some beads to the flower centeres.

This is the layout I decided on after showing the pictures to my mother and having a bit of a discussion.

I then used pinflair glue gel to attach everything in place as close as I could to the layout above. I finished off by attaching wire to hang it.


Now I’m on a roll, any ideas of what to put on plaques for other doors in the house? Somebody has suggested a knife fork and spoon for the kitchen door.  Then there’s the bathroom, sitting room, and study. Hmm! I need to get my thinking cap on, though they may well be projects for later in the year when the weather turns too cold for sitting out the garden pottering. At the moment I have far too many projects part done that I need to be getting on with when it’s too wet for the garden.



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7 Replies to “One More Plaque”

  1. Hi Gywneth this is a stunning door plaque your sister will love it when she comes to stay. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  2. Absolutely stunning. you should be so proud of this!!
    The colours are beautiful and obviously will match the colours in the quilt.
    All the flowers are beautiful but the Tenerrife Lace Motif Flowers and Butterflies are amazing – wonderful work!!
    Fabulous project Gwyneth.

  3. These plaques are wonderful. Really good idea to mix up materials and textures. Shabneez xxx

  4. A very pretty plaque Gwyneth. Lovely crochet flowers and lace butterflies xx