A Bit Of A Catchup And A Layout

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A Bit Of A Catchup And A Digital Scrapbook Layout


Several of those amongst my online friends have noticed that I’ve not been very active online for the last few weeks – thank you for noticing and commenting.  There’s nothing to worry about – it’s just that I’ve been using what little energy I’ve had on other things, and, although I have been online a bit every day I’ve just been too exhausted to do as much commenting and be as active in FB crafting groups as I like to be.  I’ve even realised now that I’ve not even been in some groups and put up links to the small number of my own blog posts that have gone live this month.

So, What have I been up to? —

My main activity has been puttering around in the garden.  I would like to be able to tell you that I’ve got everything I wanted to do all finished in the garden, but unfortunately not.  With my health issues and disabling conditions I can only do little bits at a time, and need help with some things, and with the high temperatures we’ve had lately those “little bits at a time” have had to be early in the morning or late at night.

It started off in April with more weeds than plants.

And half the garden is still more weeds than plants I want, but one half is getting closer to what I’d like.  I’m hopeing to do some scrapbook layouts, progress report blog posts, or slideshows of how I progressed, in due course, and hopefully I’ll get more of the half I’m working on this year into a more organised state before the summer ends.

But now it’s raining and I can do a bit of catching up.  Hurray!

So, although I’ve not posted a lot to my blog this month, I know that I’ve missed posting in some FB groups when some of my posts have gone live, I thought I’d give you a list of all my July posts to start off with.

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29th – More Christmas Cards

30th – July’s Calendar Page

So, other than gardening, what else have I been up to? – Not a lot!

With the temperature being so high I just couldn’t face getting out my sewing machinen and continuing work on my “Big Work In Progress” – just the thought of having the quilts on my lap and manouvering them round as I did more quilting on them was enough to bring me out in a sweat.  Once the temperature cools, and once I have less to do in the garden, I will be back quilting, and I will keep the update posts comming.

But, although I haven’t had my big sewing project out I have had my sewing machine out and sewn a couple of pairs of shorts for the youngest nephews.  I’ve got a blog post part written about them, though I’ve only managed to get one nephew to stand still long enough to photograph him wearing his shorts yet.

I’ve also made another couple of batches of Christmas Cards.  Brain not in gear to go all out for a big batch yet, but have put some together to sell at our chapel when a proportion of the proceeds go towards the work of the Sunday School.  I’ve been requested for some simple cards that will go through the post as a standard letter – many don’t want to pay for elaborate cards or to pay for a Large Letter stamp, so what I’ve made so far fits into the not to expensive or large category.  Others want a small number of more elaborate cards for delivering by hand or putting in with gifts for special friends and family, so I’ll have to start thinking of those cards over the next month or so.  I will get what I’ve done photographed and blogged before long, so keep  an eye out for those posts as well.

To finish I thought I’d show you my strawberries!

I made a post of a layout “Strawberries Digital Scrapbook Page” back in May.

This is what I showed you then –

I decided to make a further Digital Scrapbook Page, using the same Cirtus Celebrations mini kit as I’d used before to show what we got from the strawberry barrel at the end of June.

There are two breeds of stawberries in the tub, ordinary sized ones round the sides and plants that produce giant strawberries in the top.

That’s my hand in the picture – the giant strawberries were more than 2″ across.

We had lots to eat, some to freeze, some in smoothies, and I even dried some in a food dehydrator I got for my birthday – these dried strawberries I used when makeing a type  of fruit and nut bar.


That’s it for today. I hope to have another post on my blog to show you some more crafting before long, so please do pop in for a look again.


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