A Couple Of Pairs Of Shorts

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A Couple Of Pairs Of Shorts


A few months ago I sat down with my brother’s eldest son and showed him how to make a pattern for some shorts to fit him using the Lutterloh Golden Rule system.  With basic guidance and a steadying hand to hold and pass him things he made quite a good job of it.

He’d chosen some black material some time previously so the pattern was immediately put to use.  He did most of the pinning, cutting, and sewing himself as well.  He’s been doing bits of sewing on my machine, supervised of course, since he was very small, needing the foot pedal to be placed on the same footstool the boys used in the bathroom to get onto the toilet and stand in front of the washbasin when they were small.

I did have to take over for doing the waistband with chanel for the elastic, the actual threading of the elastic, and sewing the hem, so he’d done the most of it before he ran out of steam.

With one thing and another – schoolwork, exams, life in general – he hadn’t had time to make up any more shorts, so I decided to make both the youngest nephews a pair of shorts each this month to make sure they had something to change into when here.  At the moment the boys are near enough the same size, and the shorts he’d made definately still fit the nephew who’d made it as I’d seen him wearing it the day before I decided to make up the two pairs.

So out came the patern and material – the sewing machine and thread already being out because of the work I was doing on my “Big” Project.

I’d seen a flat seam demonstrated on TV, similar to the side seams on jeans, so decided to give it a go for the outside leg seams.  I didn’t change thread colour to stitch down the outside of the seam, but I do think the seams look neat.  For the other seams I sewed them as normal, right sides together, and then used the machine’s equivelent to an overlocking syitch to sew over all the raw edges.

For the first pair I sewed the top of the shorts over to make a chanel for threading an elastic through.

For the second pair I got my nephew to measure a 1″ wide length of elastic round his waist and pin it at the correct length.  I then pinned it every 8th of the way round before sewing the elastic directly to the top of the shorts, that I’d turned down around half an inch behind the elastic to hide the raw edge, using a zig-zag stitch.

I got my nephew to try on the shorts when I’d finished.

He was happy with the fit, so it was then a case of tidying up the tgread ends.

The second nephew was more difficilt to grab hold of to try his on, so I had to photograph his shorts hanging on a hanger over a door handle.


That’s it for today.  More card making and other crafting before too long, so please do pop in for a look again.


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