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August Calendar Page


Would you believe it, but I had what I wanted to put up on my mother’s calendar for the month of August ready made, with fingerlift tape on the back, ready to stick up on the 1st. (It’s just taken me a few days to get it photographed once it was stuck up, and to get photos intp my post ready to schedule it.)

If you’ve not visited my blog previously you may not know about the blank calendar from Papermill Direct that I gave to my mother, which I’m decorating for her month by month. You can catch up by visiting my previous pists about it if you want. I’ve not blogged the early months of the year, but you can see the post for April – here, for May – here, for June  – here, and fot July – here.

I’m trying to decorate the pages for each month using different types of papercraft. Had a discussion with my mother who reconed that it was time for something from the garden.  And I had an idea! – why not turn some digital scrapbooking (that I’ve shown you previously) into a bit of hybrid crafting.

I’ve shown you two digital scrapbook layouts showing the development of sreawberries in my garden previously.

Strawberries Digital Scrapbook Page


A Bit Of A Catchup And A Layout

I took both layouts into my software and placed them side by side and shrunk them to the size I wanted for this project.  I also clopped out a single strawberry and put several copies at fifferent sizes on a blank area of the page.  This was then printed off onto A4 glossy photo paper.  A whole sheet of the same green background was also printed off onto A4 Super Smooth cardstock.

All the frames and backgrounds come from the Dragons Lair Designs Citrus Celebrations Digital Mini Kit.

After trimming the green background to a size suitable gor the calendar, I cut out the double layout spread as well as each of the individual strawberries.  I stuck the layout onto the background at a jaunty angle using fingerlift tape.  I shaped the strawberries a bit and then stuck them in place using Pinflair Glue Gel.

This is what I came up with.

Here’s a look at it from an angle, showing some dimension.

It’s difficult to get the dimension to show without glare off the glossy photo psper.


This is what the whole page looks like.


So, that’s the August page.  I now need to think of what to prepare for the September page. I’m sure I’ll be blogging what I make at some point during next month.


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