September’s Calendar Page

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September Calendar Page


If you’ve not a regular visitor to my blog you may not know about the blank calendar from Papermill Direct that I gave to my mother as a gift, which I’m decorating for her month by month. I’m trying to use a variety of papercrafting, with minimal dimension – because too much dimension would mean it would push the calendar out when flipped over the next month. You can catch up with my previous calendar pages by visiting my previous posts about it if you want. I’ve not blogged the early months of the year, but you can see the post for April – here, for May – here, for June  – here, for July – here, and for August – here.

I asked Mam what she wanted for September and she said that, as I’d got lots of pictures of the garden, she’d like another photo.  So, I needed to think of something a bit different to the series of photos of our strawberries growing I’d used for the August page.  A quick scan through my photos on my laptop and I decided to go for a photo of the nasturtiums I’ve got growing in a raised trough.

I didn’t just want to put up a photo so I printed the photo out at 5″ x 3″ onto glossy photo paper.

I’d had my ScanNCut out during August doing a bit of foiling for greetings on some of my Christmas cards, so I decided that I’d go for a bit of foiling for this month’s calendar page.  I used various designs available within the online Canvas software – a foliage background, a feather, and some flowers (also I put on the word MAM as I want it for my mother’s birthday card later).

I sent my required design wirelessly from Canvas to my ScanNCut and got it drawn out using the glue pen from the ScanNCut foiling kit.  I put a strip of white lightweight cardstock on the upper half of the mat and a strip of parchment on the lower half.

I think the price of the ScanNCut foil sheets is far to expensive for the small number of little pieces you get, so I use other foils.

For the background I used a verigated green foil,

(It’s rather difficult getting a good photo of the shine of the foil so I’ve tried a few times at different angles.)

for the feather I used gold on one end and silver the rest of the way down and for the flowers I used a variety of gold, silver and rose gold – using parts that are left on previously used foil sheets.

(Again it was difgicult getting a good photo to show the various different foils)

I have to admit that I didn’t put the sheet from the foiling kit over the foil sheet and get the ScanNCut to rub over – I just rubbed over the back of the foil sheets using the spatula that came with the machine – and I’m perfectly happy with the result.

Using Chameleon pencils I then decided to do a bit of colouring, both on the back of the images on the parchment,


and on the front of the background on the light cardstock.

I kept the colouring light so that it wouldn’t pop too much and grab attention off the photo.

I cut out the images on the parchment as close as possible to the outside foil line (I know I could have used my ScanNCut to do the cutting for me, but I’d put the machine away to create some space while colouring in and didn’t feel like getting it out again for so few elements.)

i cut a large sheet of green cardstock to just under A4 size with a pattern edge cutter to use as the main panel for sticking onto the calendar, putting some fingerlift tape onto the back prior to building up the design.

I also cut a mat to stick behind the photograph from the same cardstock.

I decided to go random when cutting out the foiled foliage background.  I decided to make it a bit smaller than the original size so cut up a leaf and berry branch to use as individual embelishments.

I then set about sticking the layers together using fingerlift tape before shapeing the embelishments with my fingers and sticking them in place using glue dots.

Two glue dots under end and centre of feather to keep shape.

The flowers were stuck in clusters around the page.

And this is what the page looks like ready to stick up on the calendar.


So, that’s the September page.  I now need to think of what to prepare for the October page. I’m sure I’ll be blogging what I make at some point during next month.


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