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Back To Sewing And More


After the push before the end of August to complete a lot of Christmas card, I’m now back doing a bit of sewing.

I still have some more cards to show you, and will probably make some more later in the year towards Christmas. Plus I do have some special cards on order that are nearly finished, but they won’t be blogged until after Christmas.

But, before I get on with showing you the sewing I’ve managed to do, I want to tell you that I was delighted that my blog was chosen as Blog Of The Month for a group I belong to on Facebook – you can see the blog post about it – here.

The winner is chosen from members of the All Things Crafty – Hints, Tips and Crafty Inspiration. group.

Now on with the sewing.

I have three sewing projects that I need to be getting on with that I gathered everything together the first week in September.  A few more I haven’t gathered together but I have the makings for somewhere in the house as well.

I have my “Big Work In Progress” – the two single bed quilts I’ve been showing you the progress of over the last few months.

Then there’s the recycling project I’m doing for my youngest nephew – turning a small “hoodie” he use to ware when he was younger into a backpack he can use to carry around a bottle of water, a few toys, etc. This I have already unstitched into pieces ready to sew up as he wants.  His idea to make a backpack – I suggested a cushion cover – but a backpack is do-able.

But what I’m going to show you today is my project to make a towelling wrap for myself.  I have a nice wrap that I put on after my shower, while my carer is drying and brushing out my hair. It has straps over the shoulder and buttons at the front.  I’ve been looking for another but haven’t been able to find one the same style.  All I’ve found are ones without the shoulder straps and with velcro that say they are one size fits all – yeh, very likely!

So I decided to get some cotton towelling material and make my own. In fact, I decided to get some more than I’d need for the wrap so I could make some matching items.

I started by cutting the robe slightly larger than the one I’ve got.  Then cut a towel for my hair, a couple of pieces to make a mat, a couple of hand towels, and a face cloth.

Toweling material is not a material that is easy to turn over a hem, so I decided to use bias binding around the sides.

The first thing I sewed was the hair towel.  I decided to use a zig-zag stitch to sew the binding on.  My sewing machine is not that happy sewing toweling as the feed dogs are not getting a firm and even grip on the toweling “loops”.

So this is the hair towel.

I then got to work on the robe itself.  One long edge was already bound off the bolt, so I just bound the two short sides and did an overlocking stitch over the edge of the other long side.

I then folded over the overlocked edge by around an inch and three quarters and zig-zagged it in place. This is the top band of my robe.

I prepared and sewed together the strips that were going to be the straps over my shoulders.

I then made a pocket, sewing over a bound edge to give a firmer top before turning under the other three edges and sewing them onto the left hip position on the robe using a zig-zag stitch.

The next thing I did was work out the position that I needed to put the buttons, button holes, the position of the straps, and how far from each end I needed to put the holes to thread through the back elastication.

I used the robe I already had as a guide, and then, after pinning in place with safety pins I put the robe on to make the final adjustments with my mother’s help.

I then sewed everything in place.

Anf this is the finished robe.

Putting a bath mat together was simply a case of putting two layers of toweling together, sewibg the binding around the outside edges, and then sewing another row of stitches around the mat about 2″ in from the edge.

This is it spread out in our wetroom.  The colour looks different due to camera location and lighting being different, but all tgese items were made from the same piece of cotton toweling marerial.


I’ll still have some more different craft projects to blog about, so please do pop back to have a look.


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