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My youngest nephew offered to help decorate a cake for my mother’s birthday.  He did admit that he volunteered because it meant he would get to eat any icing and marzipan left over – and doing the decorating meant he could decide when to stop therefore how much was left over.

I did help with batch making the flowers and with lifting the rolled out marzipan and icing over the cake, but left it to him how he shaped the icing and placed the decoration.

This is the result.

It seems several of the flowers I made were not up to the required standard so had to go straight into nephew’s mouth. LOL.

In case you haven’t guessed – blue is Mam’s favourite colour.

Some of her favourite TV programes are animal ones, such as Meerkat Manor, so I had to go for the unusual combination of meerkats and blue flowers for her birthday card.  I also used the same flowers for decorating a notebook that formed part of her gift, and the tag that went on the gift bag.

For the card I scored and folded in half a green A4 Adorable Scorable card to make an A5 base card. I cut a panel out from blue, pearlescent, cardstock and put it on the front of the card before sticking on the topper using 2mm deep foam tape.

When makeing the background and embelishments for the September page of Mam’s calendar I’d also got my ScanNCut to write out the word MAM,

added gold foil and coloured in on the back using Chameleon pencils. This was then cut to size, stuck onto a piece of white cardstock of the same size using sticky dots.

I put this panel near the bottom of the card using the same as foam tape tape as before adding a peeloff greeting saying “Penblwydd Hapus” (Welsh for Happy Birthday).

I then added some paper flowers that I’ve had in my crafting stash for quite some time.

I added an insert that mached the topper.

As Mam likes her notebooks to be practical, and able to be shoved onto the cupboard by her bed amongst other books without the front decoration being damaged, I needed to keep the decoration flat.

I stuck some more of the blue, pearlescent, cardstock onto the front of a cheap reporters notebook.  I then stuck on a panel from my stash onto which I’d written the word MAM.

I decided to use the same flowers that I’d used on the card, but rather than shape them I used them flat and stuck them on with bookbinding glue.

Another piece of blue cardstock was cut into the shape of a tag.  A panel like the one that was stuck to the front of the notebook was stuck on. Again, I added more of the same blue flowers I’d used before having shaped them this time.  For the glowers I used Bookbinding glue and glue gel for the leaves from the same collection in my stash.


I’ll still have some more Christmas card posts to come from the batches I made during August, as well as sewing I am working on now, so please do pop back to have a look.


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