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Sep 192018

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Food From The Garden Scrapbook Layout


Anybody who visits my blog regularly may well have realised by now that, as well as crafting, I like gardening.  But my health/disability problems means I can not do what I’d like or as much as I’d like.  So these days a lot of my gardening is done in raised beds, hanging baskets, barrels, etc.  There are fruit trees and bushes in the garden, but I can pick from them while sitting in one of the numerous chairs I have dotted all around the garden.  the only two crops that are sewn directly into the ground are peas and runner beans, and I had help to sew them, and again picked them by having strategically placed garden chairs.

Some things have been a bit of a disapointment, crop wise, this year, but mostly I’ve got a fair assortment of things from the garden that have given myself and my mother a nice variety in our food, as well as giving some away to friends and family.

So I thought I’d show you some of what I’ve grown by creating a digital scrapbook layout of what I brought in one day. (I must admit to not going out and picking every day but try to pick something three or four times a week even if I don’t make it all the way around.)

So, I took a bag out on the morning of the 10-9-2018 and picked, and then tripped the whole lot out onto the kitchen table, and this is what I’d got.

After a bit of a sort out they looked like this –


  • A bowl full of cherry tomatoes, both yellow and red tumblers grown in two hanging baskets.
  • The seeds from Nasturtiums soaking in salted water in a cup to make poor man’s capers.
  • Runner Beans – ready for my mother to string and cut up.
  • Assorted cut and come again mixed letyuce leaves with nasturtium flowers ready to add a few things to make a smoothie.
  • Eating apples and pears.
  • Yelliw and green courgettes that have grown well in my “jungle raised bed”.

And this is the digital scrapbook layout I made using these photos. I used the Citrus Celebrations Digital Mini Kit from Dragons Lair Designs. I worked on the layout in My Craft Studio Elite software.


I’ll still have a variety of craft I’m working on, as well as some that I have finished, that I need to blog, so please do pop back to have a look.


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