A Bit Of Repair Work

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A Bit Of Repair Work


I had intended that today I’d be showing you how I’m progressing with my “Big Work In Progress” – making two single bed patchwork quilts for the spare room bunk beds.  But I got sidetracked into doing another sewing project for the youngest nephew.  The binding around the little quilt he takes with him from one place to another was coming loose and he wanted it fixed.  The first thing was to get it washed on a quick, gentle, wash – it seriously needed a wash after being dragged around for weeks since the last one.

Now for some reason, although the front was a square patchwork pattern, and it did have wadding inside, the wadding wasn’t quilted.  Probably because it was a baby quilt that was suppose to be used and washed a lot while a child is a toddler and then not expected to last much longer.  But what is a cot sized quilt for a baby is a lap size quilt for a growing child.  The problem of not being quilted is that, once the binding had started coming loose the wadding had also started to come loose, and once that happend it dragged inside the quilt and tore loose from most of the side stitching around the binding that was holding it in place.

Seeing as there was now a hole on one side now, I decided to put my hand in and try and get the wadding back into place so that it could be re-stitched all the way around.  But really, it was beyond saving!  So I just turned the quilt inside out and cut it away from the one edge it was still attached to.

I then raided my stash of wadding, and searched for my tin of temporary fabric adhesive spray, and set to work putting a new piece of wadding inside.

Lay it out over the kitchen table (it was a little bit bigger, but not a lot), a spray around the edge of the back panel and put the wadding on top.

It was then simply a case of cutting the wadding to the right size and turning the whole thing back the right way and pushing through the corners to make sure they were flat.

I then pinned all the binding that had come loose from one or both sides before sewing over the edge of the binding to the quilt using a wide zig zag stitch all the way around.  That not only had a better chance of holding all the layers together but covered the straight line bits of straight line stitching that was still there holding some of the binding.  By doing the zig zag all the way around it gives it a more even look because I couldn’t match the positioning of the origninal straight line stitching as well as catch the edge of the new wadding.

I then decided that, as holding the wadding to the binding wasn’t enough originally, I’d put a row of straight stitching in a couple of inches from the quilt edge all the way around.  I did consider, and asked my nephew whether he wanted, more rows of stitching.  But he didn’t want any more to change the look of his quilt, and to be honest, after being in use for 10 years, the fabric of the quilt is very thin so I reconed that putting more stitching in would be make it more likely to start tareing.

So there we have it.  One finished repair job.


So, that’s it for now, but keep an eye out for more posts about how I’m getting on with this “‘Big’ Work In Progress”. Hopefully it won’t be too long before I have more to report – unless the nephews find me more little jobs to do for them of course LOL.


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