Basket Woven With Sock Yarn

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A Basket

In my post of the 12th – here -I told you I was doing a bit of “basket weaving”

Quite some time ago I’d bought a big pack of assorted yarns.  Very reasonably priced as there were only small numbers of each yarn lot left with the seller.  Can’t remember how much I paid or which company I bought them from now.

I’ve used many of the yarns making baby quilts, scarves, etc., but amongst the mixture were some balls of very thin sock yearns.  There was a time I’d have used them for knitting socks as intended, but those days are gone.  That type of work is too fiddly and time consuming for me to think of tackling at the moment.

Then, at sale prices I saw the pre-drilled circular pieces of wood for using as the bases for basket weaving, as well as the sticks to go in the holes.  If I remember rightly enough for this project came to under £3.  I decided that I would use the sock yarn to weave around with, putting 4 strands, 2 of a mixed grey colour and 2 of a mixed brighter colour, together – no way I was going to do it one strand at a time!  I figured mixing the colours would give a nice texture and colour that would be reasonably neutral and fit in with any decour as just a container.

I used two of each of these together for my first attempt.

It produced lots of interesting graduations in colours.

I decided that something needed to be put at the top of each cane, not only to stop the yarn coming off over the top but also to make the top of the canes safer.  So I stopped weaving a few inches from the top to work on the “stopper” fineals.

I decided to cut strips of 260gsm cardstock to 1cm width, put a little glue on one side of each, and wrap round the top of each cane as a sort of paper bead.

After the glue had dried on these, and tgey were very hard I decided to colour them with black acrylic paint. Didn’t matter that some of the paint went down the canes as I was brushing it on the underneath of the paper beads because of course the canes would have more yarn wound to the top before finishing.

I had to wait again fir a bit to allow the paint to dry before finishing the weaving the rest of the way.  I finished by cutting off the yarn a little way from the end, threading on a bodkin needle and knotting the yarn around the top layer a few times before pulling the end down through the weave, out through the side, and cutting the end so it hid away.

This is what it looks like when finished.

The finished item is around 12″ high. I’m going to put a few goodies in it and give it as a sort of hamper for Christmas, but it could be used to hold cotton wool balls in the bathroom, a small wastebasket, or even dried grasses or flowers in front of an empty fire grate in the summer.

I have  second set of basket bottom and canes, so keep an eye out for similar one appearing in a blog post in the next few weeks.


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5 Replies to “Basket Woven With Sock Yarn”

  1. Great idea Gwyneth. Your choice of wool really makes itye project stand out. Shabneez x

  2. Hi this is a stunning project. What a great way to use that yarn. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  3. So very clever and love the graduation of colours. This is going to be such a useful item x