Chocolate Pumpkins

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Chocolate Pumpkins And Icing Carrots


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I book my slot for a Tesco delivery every Saturday morning a week in advance, sometimes more, and usually drop in an assortment of stuff I usually buy at the time of booking.  I sometimes also have a look at the special offers to see if there are any special offers that Mam or I fancy. Mam and I then go through the list Friday afternoon to remove anything from my basket that isn’t needed and adding anything that’s run out since I booked the order.

Whilst having a look around the Tesco app last week I spotted that Chocolate oranges were on offer – down to £1 each. Well I put half a dozen straight into my basket because I had an idea – not to put to one side for Christmas, but to use for halloween!

I had some red, yellow and green icing in the house from the previous week when I was going to use them to decorate carrot cupcakes, but I had been way to exhausted by the time the Tesco delivery arrived (the big storm had caused floods and downed trees on route) to think of cooking last weekend. I thought that I could use the icing to make “stalks” for the chocolate oranges to turn them into pumpkins, as well as make some icing carrots to decorate the plate.

Funny thing is, online last week I saw that somebody else had had the same idea to turn a chocolate orange into a pumpkin, but they had used a green pipe cleaner for the stalk and had added a green calix. I can’t remember now whose work it was.

So, with the two youngest nephews here again at the weekend I put a plate in the middle of the table, put out a chocolate orange each together with red, yellow and green ready to roll icing, knives, scissors, and some sticky back plastic sheets that I use to make peeloffs in my electronic cutting machine, and we all set about decorating.

The two boys and I decorated one each and then I quickly decorated one extra for Mam.

We mixed some red icing into the yellow to make orange icing (no orange icing available to buy when I ordered so mixed our own).

The carrots were made by takeing a lump of orange icing. Shapeing into a rough cone shape and makeing a depression in the top.  We then took a small piece of green icing and shaped a much smaller cone. This was put into the depression at the top of the “carrot” and the top of the orange closed around it.  Using a knife or scissors we tyen cut into the green top of the “carrot tops” to five it a broken leaf expect. The cartots were then finished by using the back of a knife to make some marks sown the sides.

A piece or orange icing was again cut off and a cylinder was made from it.  This was then put on top of the chocolate orange and squashed out a little to make it stay in place before adding some marks for texture down the sibdes and giving the top a bit of a tweak so it wasn’t completely upright.

We then cut out bits of sticky backed plastic to make the “face”.


And this is what we landed up with.

My first one.

Eldest of two young nephews chose to do a face based on a Minecraft character.

His brother went for a similar face to mine.

And my last, quick, one at the end.

All on the plate together for the icing to dry off a bit before Halloween.

Mind you, I’ll be very surprized if everything is still on the plate come Halloween.


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