Wall Hangings

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Wall Hangings


Having pulled out some stuff to make the item for my swap partner over on the Chronic Crafters! Facebook group – you can find the group here and my previous post here – I decided to make a few other ones in various styles before packing the makeings away again.

For the first one I’m going to show you I chose to make a Dreamcatcher style hanging.  It doesn’t have the hole in the middle, that I understand that traditionally is there for the nice dreams to drop through, but I though I’d just go completely “my style” of knotting rather than following any pattern or try copying anything I’ve seen.

It is simply made using a 19cm metal ring and white cotton yarn.

Other than a pair of scissors I didn’t use anything else to make this.

I wound and knotted the yarn around and through the ring to make the web.  Then wound more yarn around the ring to cover and hide it, finishing off the main piece by knotting a loop on the top for it to hang.

To make the tassles I wound some yarn round four fingers of my hand, slipped a piece of cut yarn through it along my palm and tied it off to make the hanging piece.  I then took it off my fingers, wrapped a piece of yarn around the whole lot near the already tied piece and tied that in place.  I finished off by cutting open the bottom of the tassle and then cutting it at an angle – I didn’t want a straight bottomed tassle, I wanted a different look.

And this is what the finished wall hanging looks like.

I then decided to make another wall hanging in the same “Tree of Life” style hanging as I made previously for the swap I mentioned further up this post.

I went a bit bigger this time and used a ring that was one size larger than the previous tree. Around 6 rather than 5 inches in diameter.

Once again I picked out some beading wire – this time of gold and silver, and the same pack of Amazonite semi precious stones chips, and followed the same method as previously to make the wall hanging.

And I domed the tree canopy a little again this time.


With yarn, metal hoops, wire and Amazonite chips still left over I will be makeing more of these types of wall hangings.  I think that they will make great little gifts for Christmas or birthdays, or even things to sell or for me to donate as raffle prizes.  Keep an eye out for more blog posts as I create more variations over the next month or so.


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