More Wire Work And Semi Precious Stones

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Wire Work Trees


Having showed you two slightly different Tree Of Life style wall hangings previously – here and here – this time I have another one that is similar, but smaller, and possibly more suitable for hanging in a window as a sun catcher.

I used another hoop from the packs of metal rings I’d bought, this time one of around 3″ inner diameter. I used silver coloured 28 guage wire and clear, silver lined, seed beads. I also used some thicker silver coloured beading wire from the same pack as previous trees.

As with my previous Tree of Life style wall hangings, I cut lengths of the thin wire.  These were put in a bundle together and twisted together to form the trunk of the tree. I then twisted smaller number of threads together to form roots which were then wrapped around the bottom of the ring, separating the twisted clusters out a bit.

For the branches I twisted small numbers of wire threads together, shapeing them, and then splitting out each wire thread.  I then started adding the seed beads one at a time, twisting the wire around some of the beads to keep them in place, before twisting each wire end individually around the metal ring.

The piece was finished off by winding around the whole ring using the thicker wire, including makeing a loop.

I also made a small box from 300gsm mottled cardstock to present it in.

I’m going to add some tissue paper for it to lie in.


For the standing tree, in a display case, I took a real of 0.5mm coloured copper wire and cut it into lots of lengths of about 15″.  As I was putting together the tree I realised that I hadn’t cut enough so had to go back and cut some more. I’m afraid that I have no idea how many I cut, I just went for fow many I thought looked right in the end.

I then took a string of Ruby Zoisite semi precious stone chips and threaded one onto the centre of each length of wire and twisted about an inch so that the stones were held in place.

The next step was to take a couple of the twisted wires and twist them together. Then adding another twisted wire, and making a good handful of “branches” with two or three stones on them.

It was then a case of twisting two of the branches together until I had several of those, and finishing off by twisting the larger branches together to make the tree “trunk”.

Which left me with lots of dangling single wires coming out the bottom which I separated out onto small clusters and twisted to make the “roots”. These I wrapped around a stone.

For the display case I took an A3 sheet of construction weight Acetate and cut out three panels, for two sides and the front.

I took several sheets of A4 cardstock from my stash, which included a sheet of pale blue, mottled looking cardstock, and several sheets of Adorable Scorable in a variety of colours.

I chose a dark breen card for making the inside of the base, into which I cut a small hole so the stone with roots would be dropped to give to more stability.  A very pale green was chosen for the outside base.  The mottled light blue was cut as a background to the back of the display box and a sheet of white Adorable Scorable was cut the same size to form the outside of the back. A very pale blue Adorable Scorable was used to make the top and the two corner posts.

After cutting out and scoring the pieces where necesary I used the red lined, ultra tacky, double sided tape to secure the corners of the inside and outside base, as well as the top.  The inside base was dropped into the outside base. The same tape was used to secure the tabs on the side acetate panels to the back panels, sandwiching the acetate tabs between the inside and outside back panels.

The next step was to attach the corner pieces to the front edge of both side panels before putting tape on the other side of both panels and attaching the front acetate to one.

I then heated up my hot glue gun, used wire cutters to chop off some of the wire ends so that there was only about 1 cm of each “root” wrapped under to the bottom of the stone rather than the mess of wire.

I then hot glued the roots underneath the stone, put extra glue underneath, and dropped the stone into the hole in the inside base so that it stuck to the inside of the outside base. This gives the tree extra stability. (If the tree isn’t going to be placed in a display box then extra glue can still be put on the bottom of the stone to level out the humps and bumps of the stone and wrapped around wire. Put it either on a piece of card it can be left on, or put it on a silicone, or similar, mat that can be pealed off.)

I then eased the sides of the display box into place and, after checking that everything was fitting right I peeled off the final piece of red liner backing and stuck the last corner in place.

I held the outside base sides slightly away from the acetate to drizzle some hot glue in before pushing the sides back in until secure.

I then used glue dots to attach a string of lights inside the lid, keeping them a little inside the outer edge so they wouldn’t be in the way when the lid was put on, and keeping the on/off switch/battery pack outside with a bit of wiring.

I also put a nick in the top corner of the back where the wireing was going in under the lid.

Then it was simply a case of poping the lid on and using some more sticky dots to hold the battery pack switch to the back out of sight.

Then a final look around my creation

… before turning on the lights.

The actual lights are not visible unless you go down a bit and look up.

As soon as she saw this one my mother asked whether I was going to sell it, and if so, would I make another one as she wanted to give them as gifts to two people.

So I’m working on a second one now.

I’d like to ask you all what do you think I should be charging for this. Obviously Mam will be getting Mates and Family Rates, but if I make more, what will be a fair price to charge. (Display box is 6″ top to bottom and 6.5″ across the front)


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6 Replies to “More Wire Work And Semi Precious Stones”

  1. Hi Gwyneth, both trees are great, but the second one is absolutely fabulous, especially when it is lit up. I wouldn’t like to put a price on it because I am rubbish at that sort of thing lol xx

  2. Absolutely fabulous projects Gwyneth. they both look stunning and so intricate. Must have taken ages!

  3. Wow Gwyneth your work is gorgeous. I just love what you have made. Take care. Hugs Jackie