More Dream Catcher Style Wall Hangings

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I showed you the first Dream Catcher style wall hanging I made a week or so ago.  You can see it – here.

Sticking to the same white cotton yarn, together with different sized metal hoops from the same packs, I then made a few more.

I did give you a sneaky peak of these before – here, but I’ve now finished making them.

Each is slightly different, and I also added clear and white seed beads and faux pearls as well to one, keeping to the white look.

Here are what I’ve made.

For this one I used one of the largest rings from the pack.  I started this time by wrapping the cotton yarn all the way around the ring. Where I finished and started I tied it off and created a loop for hanging. I then proceeded to wrap the yarn from side to side sround the covered hoop, but wrapping each time off center so that I was left with a clear area in the middle.

I then proceded to work my way around the hoop, knotting the yarn as I did so, and stepping in a bit for each row, until the whole thing had an interesting pattern on it.

I then made dome tassles by wrapping the white cotton yarn atound my hand and tieing off before cutting and removing.  This time I cut the tastles straight across the bottom, rather than at an angle as I did for the previous one.  These were hung from the bottom of the hoop.

I then took some white cotten thread and proceeded to sew on some clear, silver lined, seed beads around the central hole and in a circle a bit further in.

I tied a knot at the bottom of each end of the yarn that was holding the tassles in place and used the thread to sew a couple of white faux pearls and some seed beads to each knot.  I finished by opening out the ends of the yarn.

And this is what it looks like when finished.

For the next one I took two rings from the pack of rings. I put them together so that they were touching at one point and started to wrap the same cotton yarn as I had used previously around both.

I did this for about an inch and a half until the gap between them got a bit much before continuing to wrap the yarn all the way around the largest ring.  When I got back to where I had started I wrapped a few more times over both rings before going all the way around the second ring.

I then built up a pattern by weaving between both wrapped rings

and then knotting a bit until I had a hanging that looked a bit like a new moon.

Rather than make tastles for this hanging I decided that it would be a moon and stars hanging. So I took 5 pre cut and drilled, wooden star shapes and painted them with white acrylic paint.  Before the paint was dry I sprinkled on some Nuvo Sparkle Dust – Snow Glow.

I did the same on the other side.

To attach the stars to the bottom of the moon I used some fine, white, tigertail, beading wire held in place with crimp beads.

I think this picture shows the glitter on the stars better.

And here is the finished creation.

I have one more of this type of creation on the go, and might even make some more. Keep an eye out for future posts about them.

Some are earmarked as gifts for specific people, but if I make more I may have some to sell. Any idea what I should charge if I do decide to sell some?


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