Another Boxed Tree

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Another Boxed Tree


In my blog post a few days ago – here – I showed you a wire work tree in a display box I’d created.  I also said that when my mother saw my first one she immediately asked if she could buy it from me, and asked me to make her a second.

I made the tree and display box the same way as previously, the only difference being that I used Amazonite semi precious bead chips instead of Ruby Zoisite ones. And not all the cardstock were exactly the same colours as used for the first one.

I won’t go through all the steps to create it again, just tell you to have a look at my previous post if you want more info.

I don’t think I’ve quite captured the colous correctly in the following photos.  The light wasn’t the same as previously I don’t thknk. But the following photos show you the finished item.

Looking onto the display box before putting on the lid.

Side view.

Front view.

Other side view.

Looking from the top with lights on. You can just see the lights shining to see their spacing.

Front with lights on.





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