Second Basket Woven With Sock Yarn

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A Basket And Some Fridge Magnets

I showed you the first basket I wove with sock yarn in my post – here.

I’d bought two pre drilled, round, basket bases at the same time, together with enough sticks to glue in the holes to make a second basket framework. I wanted to make the 2nd one a bit different looking, but still wanted to use up more of the balls of sock yarn I’d started using for the first basket.

I still wanted to work with four yarns at the same time, so this time I took the two balls of brighter yarn and pulled the yarn from the center and the outside of each to begin weaving them together as a cluster together.

This is what the part with 4 threads of the brighter yarn woven together onto the framework.

Once I came to the end of the two brighter balls of yarn I took the grey balls of yarn and took the end from the outside and the end from the inside of each ball, to give me four ends to tie in and finish weaving to the top of the canes.

This is a closeup of the grey part.

I stopped weaving just a little before the top to allow me to work on the fineals.

I decided this time to do something different for the tops of the canes.

One of my young nephews saved up to buy himself a 3D printer. (More about that in future posts as he wants me to blog about that, with his input, once we get the photos we’ve both taken collected together.) One of the things he’s downloaded and printed out for me are a variety of fridge magnets, and amongst those are different cone type ones with a ball shape on top (Thingiverse Cone Fridge Magnetsby Carsten4P). I reconned that these would make great tops to my basket canes and they come pre designed with a hole in the base to glue in a magnet – which I thought would make them perfect for sticking onto the canes.

I first printed out one of each type in white (that just happened to be the colour of the fillament he had in at the time) and showed them to my mother, together with the basket, for her input on which one I should use.

She liked the one with the straight sides before the taper best. But the cones were slightly too big I thought.

So we printed out a batch of them, at 90% size, this time in black fillament to go with the project.

Once removed off the “raft” I heated up my glue gun.

I half filled the recess in each cone with hot glue and put it on top of a cane, holding it until the glue had cooled and set, which didn’t take long for each one.

Once I’d gone all the way round with the cones I finished weaving the yarn to the top.

To hold the top yarn in place, to stop the small risk of a yarn jumping over the stopper cones, I gently pulled the top yarns down and put a blob of hot glue on the cane.

And then I lifted the yarn back into place so that it stuck firmly to the cane.

And this is what the basket looks like when complete.

Now of course I wasn’t going to let my two test ones in white go to waste, so while my glue gun was still hot I put a blob in each and pushed in a magnet.

And up they went on the fridge.

The pen holder magnet and the two flip-flop ones were previously printed out by my nephew, but as I said in the begining of this post, I’ll be doing a post or two with my nephew about his 3D printing in the future.


So that’s another creation ready for Christmas.  I’ve now got to collect together a few goodies to put in it.



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2 Replies to “Second Basket Woven With Sock Yarn”

  1. What a brilliant project incorporating your nephew’s 3d printer xx