Another Scarf

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Another Scarf

When I made the crochet blankets for the bunk beds in the spare room (you can read about makeing the blankets – here) I had bought an extra ball of the yarn just in case I’d miscalculated and needed a bit more for the project.

The yarn I used was Caron Cakes yarn in a colour called Funfetti.

As I didn’t need the spare ball of yarn for the 2 single bed sized blankets I put it to one side over the summer.  But as soon as it started getting darker and colder at night, and I couldn’t go out into the garden to sit and watch my fish late into the evening, I picked my crochet hook back up and started crocheting a scarf with the yarn.

I usually make scarves by chaining a small number of stitches, about 20 depending on yarn weight and crochet hook being used, and then crochet treble stitches into each chain and then carying on with dozens of rows of treble stitches until the scarf is long enough.

But this time I decided to work in the other direction – by chaining around 190 stitches, and making these the length of my row, so only 20 or so of the very long rows were needed to make the scarf.  I decided to work lengthways, rather than widthways, like this because I liked the effect of the colour changes how they appeared in the blankets, and I thought that doing short rows would make for more of colour blocks along the scarf rather than each colour carying on along the length of the scarf in narrow bands.

I’m not saying that I’d make all scarves using this type of yarn this way, but I do like how it’s turned out.

This is a section of the scarf along it’s width.

And this is a picture of the whole scarf haning over a table edge.

It weighs a fraction less than the 200g ball as there wash’t quite enough left for a whole row at the end, but I think it is wide enough as it is.

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8 Replies to “Another Scarf”

  1. Hi Gywneth this is a gorgeous scarf it looks so snuggly and warm. Hugs Jackie

  2. I love your scarf and wish I had your skills. Also thrilled to hear you love watching your fish – I love watching mine, but prefer it when they are basking in the sun.

  3. Love your hat and scarf – those colours would cheer anyone up on a cold winter’s day! Shabneez x