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Tree In A Glass

After I showed you the second, boxed, tree in my blog post of the 31st October – here – I decided to make something similar but presented in a different way.

One of my nephews has been to a few sales with his father and bought the occasional box of bits and pieces.  His idea is to sort and sell on – I believe he has managed to sell on a few bits, but amongst what he’d got was an assortment of glassware, part sets of different type.  And as part sets he wasn’t going to be able to persuade anybody to buy any of them (unless he found somebody with the same glassware who wanted to replace broken ones that they had) so he is looking for ways to give “added value” to some of the glassware to make them into ornaments, candle holders, etc., and then try to sell them.

And of course that meant bringing 5 of them over to me to see what ideas I could come up with.

So – tree in a glass anyone!?

Of course, the tree is much smaller than the previous ones in the display box, but it is made in a similar way.

I cut lengths of 0.5mm coloured copper wire about 6″ long, threaded clear, silver lined, seed beads to the middle, folded the wire back on itself and twisted it a few times by the bead.

I then twisted the single bead branches with another, and worked together clusters until I had the whole lot twisted together to form the trunk of the tree.  I kept on holding it up against the glass to guage width and height, although of course the “branches” could be bent in any way to fit inside.

I separated out the wire ends and twisted them into roots.

I wrapped them around a stone.

The roots were attached to the bottom of the stone with hot glue.

I used a small bit of glue to put some Yorkshire Dales Gilding Flakes inside the bottom of the glass.  I then used Pinflair Glue gel to attach the stone to the bottom of the glass, leaving it set before doing any other work on the creation.

I then set about making a “lid” for the glass.  The purpous of the lid was to hold a battery operated tealight upside down so that the light would shine onto the top of the tree.

I worked in ScanNCut Canvas to create the pieces needed.  A circle just the same size as the glass top and a circle just a fraction larger than the outside of the rim of the glass top.  Then strips of cardstock long enough to go round each circle, around 2.75cm deep, with a score line some 1cm from the side and snipped into the score line.

Once cut out, I used the side of a table to start a curve in the paper strip to make it easier to put around the circle.  I folded over the snipped pieces and stuck them around the circle using another Pinflair glue.  This was done for both sizes of circles.  Once done I checked that the smaller size just fit over the top of the glass and then put a hole in the center for the bulb of the tealight to go through. I then put the second “cap on over the top”.

I decided it didn’t look right with a white lid so painted the two caps with copper paint and left them to dry before re-constructing.

I also made a perspex box to present it in.

Now my nephew wants to know how much such an item should be sold for – any ideas crafters?

(Tealight – approx. 43p; Wire – approx. 42p; Cardstock – approx. 30p; Beads – approx. 2p; Glue and Tape – approx. 10p; Glass – pennies! Acetate – approx. 35p)


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  1. Hi Gywneth this is stunning I love it. I am not sure how much it would sell for. Take care. Hugs Jackie