Glass Candle Holder

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A Candle In A Glass

In a previous post – here – I told you that one of my nephews has been to a few sales with his father and bought the occasional box of bits and pieces with the idea to sort and sell on – I believe he has managed to sell on a few bits, but amongst what he’d got was an assortment of glassware, part sets of different types.  So now several of one type have worked their way over here for me to come up with suggestions on how he can craft some “added value” into them.

While a tree and tea light was added to one it was decided to turn the next one into a candle holder.

So I picked a gold coloured candle.

(Not a good picture as colour doesn’t look right).

And some glitter rub-ons (like the ones in this collection but I got them on their own).

I also got some Copper Kettle Gilding Flakes, put some glass glue inside the bottom of the glass, and then put a pinch of the flakes in.  This was used to hide where I’d be putting in molten wax to hold the candle in place.

I selected a strip of patterned glitter rub-on and 3 different butterfly ones.

I rubbed the strip around the top of the glass a little from the top and the butterflies were rubbed on around the middle of the glass

I thought the candle looked a little two tall for the glass so I cut off an inch from the bottom and put it in an empty little tin foil case that a cake came in.

This bit was heated until it melted and using a pliers I poured the melted wax into the bottom of the glass and pushed the candle in, holding it upright until the wax set.

And this is what the finished glass looks like.

I also made a box to present it in using acetate and ultra tacky tape.

Now my nephew wants to know how much such an item should be sold for – any ideas crafters?

(Glass – pennies!; Glue/tape – approx. 15p; Guilding Flakes – approx. 10p; Candle – approx. £1.60; Glitter Rub-ons – approx. ; Acetate – approx.  50p)


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