Paper Flowers And A Vase

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Small Paper Flowers And A 3D Printed Vase


When my nephew, WMG, had his first Monoprice 3D printer (in the short period it was printing before it broke down) he was experimenting with printing different shapes with different settings. One of the objects he got from Thingiverse was a file for a vase – Decorative Vase by mistertech.

The settings he chose were not quite right for this one. We think the wall thickness could have done with being a bit thicker as, when water was put in it, there was a very slow seeping of water out through a couple of minute cracks.  But we solved the problem by slightly thining a small quantity of PVA glue with a little water, pouring it into the vase, then swirling it around.  It was then left on it’s side and turned regularly over a period of a day or two so that the drying glue was swirled over all surfaces. We kept doing this until all the glue had dried as a thin layer over the inside of the vase.

And it worked. The vase not only held water, but it was used by us to put fresh flowers in throught the summer, and placed on a bedside table so my mother could enjoy them.

But now the winter is here and we have no more fresh flowers, but I told my mother I’d start making her some paper flowers to put in the vase for her to enjoy.

I used Fleurs Mulberry Paper and Minature and Medium flowers plus leaf dies.  (I got them as a multibuy – Fleurs Mulberry Paper and Dies Collection Multibuy) . I also used my Snap machine, florestry wires, florestry green tape, and faux stamens. (This is the sort of things I mean, although the ones I got had a different combination of stamens and more tape.)

I also used wet glue and a sheet of 250gsm white cardstock.

I started by cutting out several different batches of flowers and some of the leaves, sll out of different colours of mulberry papers.

I took the white cardstock and tore a narrow, wedge shaped, strip off it.  This I wound up around one end of a florestry wire, glueing as I went, starting with the widest part of the strip, and keeping the straight side towards the bottom.  This left me with a cone shaped piece on a wire.

Once the cone was dry I started shapeing the smallest blue flowers I’d die cut and sticking them onto the cone, a few at a time, and adding some more once the glue had dried.

I used the same method for the purple “lavender” spire.

The small, white flowers simply had a stamen threaded through, a dab of glue put in to keep the stamen in place, and then I attached them to florestry wire using florestry tape, two or three per “stem”.

The red and pink “roses” were constructed by bending over a small loop at the top of a piece of florestry wire.  A flower layer was then threaded up the wire, glue put on, and scrunched around the wire loop to make the flower center.  More flower layers were shaped, threaded on, glued and pushed and pulled into place until the rose was built up.

All the flowers were finished off by binding the stems with florist tape and using the tape to hold in some leaves.

I will make more flowers to add over the next few weeks, but this is the bunch I’ve made so far.

Different angle.

And here they are in the vase.

So that’s it from me for today.  Pop back again and see more of my makes.


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7 Replies to “Paper Flowers And A Vase”

  1. The vase is amazing, set off by some beautiful flowers. Hope you feel better soon xx

  2. Oh wow this is a stunning project. The flowers are gorgeous. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  3. A lovely selection of flowers to display in the vase, great idea to brighten the house in the winter months.

    Sylv xx

  4. A gorgeous selection of flowers Gwyneth, pretty colours. Glad the lovely printed vase proved fit for purpose in the end xx