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Today I have another update on how I’m progressing with my two quilts for the bunk beds in the very small spare room.

It’s been a long time since my last progress report back in June. I hadn’t intended to leave it so long, but during the nice weather over the summer I took the opportunity to go to sit in the garden early morning and of an evening to putter with my troughs, towers, buckets, etc., of fruit, veg and flowers. In between I had to rest quite a bit. Which didn’t leave me with much sewing time when I could sit at the kitchen table with my sewing machine. As well as the fact that, in the sweltering heat we had here over the summer months, the last thing I wanted to do was sit with a quilt on my lap as I turned and manouvered it through the machine.

Last time I blogged about my progress I said that I wasn’t sure whether I’d go on to tidy up the wadding and backing of the one I was working on as soon as I finished quilting, or whether I’d quilt the second one next. I also said that I wasn’t too sure if I’d got enough quilting, in other words a small enough gap between the rows of quilting just in from the seam around each of the blocks.

I had decided that I would have to give the quilts a quick wash before they were used on the beds, both because I’d used temporary fabric adhesive to attach the layers prior to quilting, and also because they had been dragging on what was at times quite a dirty kitchen floor a lot of the time while they were being worked on. I therefore figured I would be better off seeing the effect of a low temperature wash on the quilt, as far as wadding shrinkage etc., was concerned, to give me an indication of how washing affected the quilts, before I went ahead with the quilting of the second quilt.  So completeing one quilt to the end was the aim.

So decision having been made I pushed ahead with completing the side to side quilting on the one I was working on.

I did pull out a couple of packs of new wadding, that I’d bought ready for other projects I plan on doing in the future, and I couldn’t tell the difference between the wadding I’ve used and the wadding I’ve got new in a pack that says you can quilt 8″ appart. So that means that, with the patchwork blocks being 8″ and the quilting lines being inside the edges of the blocks, the amount of quilting I had decided on would be fine.

This is one block having been quilted.

As I used black thread, the stitching doesn’t show on the black sashing, but I have stitched a line on the black the same distance from the seams as I’ve sewn on the patches. Doing the quilting in black may not be usual but I thought it looked best for this project in view of the fact that the sashing and backing are black.

I’d cut the wadding and backing larger than needed originally, to allow for some wiggle room and movement as I went through the various stages.

So onwards with trimming and tidying. I trimmed the wadding to the same size as the front.

But rather than trimming the back pannel to the same size and then sewing a binding to the back, folding it over and sewing to the front, I decided to cheat.  I cut a strip of card to twice the width I wanted the binding to be at the front.  I then used the card as a guide to trim the backing – placeing it up to the side of the front and trimmed wadding and then cutting along the other side.

I’d seen quilt binding being held together with clips like these – Dritz Quilting Binding Clips-30/Pkg, Silver  30 for £5.82 as I am writing this.

But I thought – don’t they look just like clips used by little girls in their hair? So I went looking online for larger packs of then. And this is what I found – 50 Pack Snap Hair Clips Hair Barrettes for Kids, Girls and Women, 50 mm (Silver). 50 for £4.99.

Guess which ones I went for! After all, if they didn’t do the job I wanted I could always pass them on for use by a little girl.

But they did work very well.

I folded the edge of the back over to meet the front …

… then folded the doubled over edge right over the front, and used the hair clips to hold it more or less flat in place.

So here it is after being washed in the machine on a Quick Wash 30 degrees C cycle. I gave it a quick tumble in the drier on a Silk cycle as well, before hanging it over the top rail of the bunk beds to dry completely and air.

It’s far from perfect, but I think it’s pretty, and it’s very practical as well.

So once I’d got this quilt hanging I started on quilting the second. You’ll notice I’m using blue quilter’s roll clips to help keep the quilt part that goes through the machine tidily together.

I don’t know whether I mentioned getting a new sewing machine before or not.  My previous one was sounding a bit rough and throwing a wobbly every now and then, so I didn’t know how long it would last. So I started looking out for a new one at a reasonable price.  I found one while at a reduced price earlier on this year, a Brother, like my previous one but a newer model. I hadn’t intended to start using it until the old one failed completely, or at least until I finished the heavy work of quilting and binding both quilts.  But then I remembered that the new one came with an extension table – which I didn’t have on the old one. So when I re-started on the quilting mid November I decided to drag the new machine out of it’s box and set it up.  The extension table may not be very big but it is definately easier to manouver the quilt with it in place, and even using the walking foot the machine is definately more quiet than the old one.

It’s the FS210 if anybody is interested.  It doesn’t come with a walking foot, but I had already purchased a walking, quarter inch and free mossion foot to go on my previous machine so didn’t need those again.


So, that’s it for now, but keep an eye out for more posts about how I’m getting on with the last bit of the “‘Big’ Work In Progress”. Hopefully it won’t be too long before I have the second quilt finished and both on the bunk beds.


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