A Little Project For My Crutch

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A Little Repair Project For My Crutch


I’m not showing you a particularly decorative item today, but it is practical.

I know that many a crafter that I’ve come into contact with online have health issues, many with disabling conditions.  Many needing to use canes or crutches to get around if they’ve not reached the stage of needing wheelchairs. I’ve found it a little less of a struggle moving around since I got an Arthritic Crutch.

But, of course, the more use such an item has, the more the covering on the trough/arm rest becomes warn and tattered.

I have bought a new cover for mine in the past, but it wasn’t cheap for what it is.

So this time I decided to make my own.

I had a piece of faux leather that I’d bought a while ago to make a bag (a project I’ve decided to put to one side until next year). I knew that the piece would be more than enough for the proposed project so out it came.

The first thing I did was remove the worn out one from my crutch.

It really had become very tatty.

I cut off the elasticated edge and used this old one to make a template.

I copied this onto the back of the faux leather, including the lines inside the corners, and then cut it out.

Putting the corners, right sides together, I sewed along each corner with my machine using a zig zag stitch, and then attached a piece of bias binding around the edge. (The binding was from the piece I bought when I made my towelling robe and other towels a while ago.)

Then it was a case of getting out a reel of 1mm hat elastic, and a bodkin needle, and threading the elastic through the bound edge.

Once that was done I put the new cover onto my crutch.

And while I was at it I made a couple extra so that I’ll have spares the next time my crutch looks tatty.

So that left the strap that goes around the forearm to do next.

The hook and loop fastening on the strap I’d got on at the moment didn’t look too bad, so I decided to start off by removing the strap and unpickicking the hook and loop.

I used the strap itself as a template for cutting out a new one – basically a strip of faux leather twice the width of the strap.

I then folded in both sides to the middle and clipped them in place.

Then I put on the hook and loop fastening  – positioning it as it had been on the old strap – and moving the clips to hold all the layers together.

I then stitched the hook and loop into place as well as sewing around the edge of the strap to help hold it flat.  Somehow or another I always manage to wobble my sewing lines, but everything is held in place so I’m not worried by wonkey lines.

The places the strap had been folded over were still visible on the hook and loop strip so I could easily see where I needed to fold over and sew to create a ‘tube’ that the metal attachment on the crutch goes into.

Once the sewing was done I put the strap onto the attachment piece on the crutch – and here it is finished –


Now, when I do get a bag made in the new year, I will have one that matches my crutch.


So, that’s another project done.  I’m plodding along slowly with several projects. No telling what I will finish next, but I’m sure I’ll have another post about something to show you again, so please do pop back again soon.


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