My “Big” Work In Progress – Part 9

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I know that some of you who are reading this will have seen my progress reports throughout the year. But some of you won’t have been following the saga, so I’ll start with a bit of a recap this time.

It started with my youngest sister giving me an I Owe You, as a Christmas gift last year, for one day of work to start on the job of clearing and redecorating the small guest room.  But I had an emergency eye operation in the Bristol Eye Hospital the first weekend of the year that meant I was not allowed to do lifting or anything strenuous for ages, which meant the redecorating was put on hold.

I spent some time discussing some ideas with my mother and decided that getting bunk beds for the room would be best and that I’d like to make 2 quilts and two blankets to go on them.

I did get one of our carers to put a die cutting machine on the kitchen table later in January so that I could start cutting the pieces for the quilt out.

It was February half term at my sister spending the day with me – when we took out the wardrobe, etc., leaving the spare room empty, and then set to stripping the wallpaper and washing down the walls.  Well I sat down to do what I could, holding the steamer and topping it with water, pulling a bit of paper off at eye level, etc.

A couple of days later my youngest nephew spent the day helping me paint the room. I can’t climb ladders so he painted everything above my shoulder height when I’m sat down, and did the last wall all by himself. I did the radiator and windowsill once the walls were dry. Doing the limited amount of work that I did still left me in agony that my usual painkillers wouldn’t touch and meant seeing the doctor who prescribed stronger antiinflametories.

Not the best photos I know.  The light wasn’t the best for taking photos.

Our cleaner then helped me get the old underlay out of the room and she brushed up the floor ready for the carpet layer from Teifi Furniture to come and put the new carpet down.  We’d ordered it quite some time before, and the company had been out to lay new carpet in the hall for us previously.  They had been very understanding about coming back to do the small room at a later date.

Once the carpet was down the youngest nephews helped me get the wardrobe back in, and then we started furnishing the room.  Other than the wardrobe and curtains, which I added some patchwork to, nothing else was available to go back into the room.

I’d discussed our bed needs with Teifi Furniture and ordered bunk beds that were full single bed size, could take adult weight, and could come appart into two single beds if needed. Suitable matresses were also ordered.  Not cheap to carpet and furnish the room with beds of course, but then again I had asked for good quality that would last.

The beds were delivered flat packed.  I could have arranged for the company to build them for me, but 12 year old nephew wanted to do the job and earn a bit of pocket money.  So between us we got on with the job. Anything I could do while sitting down I did.  Mostly holding things for him to connect and passing him screws.  A bit of lifting one side when it came time to put the lower and upper bed together, but the slats were not in place then so it wasn’t quite as heavy as it would be when complete.

We didn’t try to do it all in one go, we built it in short sessions over several days, and a couple of slats hadn’t been delivered so Teifi Furniture sent out a couple of men with some more, who put those in place and lifted the second matrass up for us.

As the room isn’t big enough for ordinary sized bedside units or cupboards, I ordered a couple of different, flat pack, slimline units. One to go by the bottom bunk (there’s a shelf by the top bunk that the person sleeping there can put some stuff on), and the other, taller one, to go by the side of the wardrobe. Again I had some help from both the young nephews to put these pieces of furniture together, though with these I managed to do more myself as most could be done sitting down over a few days.

And with the matresses in place we were ready for bedding.

And this is where my crafting “Big! Work In Progress” comes in.

I won’t go through every stage again.  You can follow my work by going through my progress report blog posts.  I’ll give you links now to make it easier for you to find them.

In the first blog of this series I said – “Hopefully, by blogging as I go, it will keep me on track to steadily work at the project and get it finished quickly – well sometime this year!

Now you can all chear – I have indeed finished it this year!

The last quilt has been completed, washed at a 30 degree Centigrade quick wash and dried.

This is it hung over the side of the top bunk to finish airing. Doesn’t look too different to the first one finished that I showed you in my last progress report.  This was made using a second box full of the same material as the first all cut out using the same selection of Go! 8″ cube dies, but both were constructed in a random manor.

I then got the wonderful woman who comes to clean for us to make up the beds.

And here we have the room completed.


Of course, this is just one project I’ve got on the go.  There will be more blog posts over the coming weeks about other crafting I have done, so please do come back in the future to see what I have been creating.


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