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Makeing Changes To Some Clothing


One thing I’ve noticed when buying clothes, of the comfy, loose kind I like to ware, is that quite often there is not a lot of difference between cut and material of dresses, nightdresses, and long t-shirts or tops, or of shorts and shortie pyjamas.

So sometimes I buy a shortie nightdress and ware it as a baggy top.  Or buy shortie pyjamas and ware the bottoms as shorts – I’ve bought ones before where the pyjama bottoms were exactly the same materials as lightweight shorts I’d bought the previous year.  The only difference tends to be pockets on shorts but not on pyjama shorts.

So these days I look at items on sale not just to see if they would fit and be of a style I would ware, but also thinking about whether they would be suitable to embelish with screen printing, or cut and sew into something that would suit me better.  Such as when I put in a bright stripe of material into the sleeve of a shirt where the sleeve wasn’t quite as loose as I’d like for gardening, and then adding some screen printing to the pocket.

Adjusting and playing with something on sale can work out much cheaper, and quicker, than buying matetial, thread, etc., and makeing the same garments from scratch.

What I’ve got to show you today is a pair of pyjamas from Simply Be that I changed.

Bought on sale for £12.  A lighter weight than some I’ve bought, but nice for wareing around the house and puttering at my daily chores.

I tend to ware shorts around the house and garden, (other than when I ware gardening skirt and shirt when doing actual gardening) because I my damaged leg is permanently miss-shaped and swollen, and therefore isn’t comfortable being covered with tighter trowser leg.

So, the first thing I needed to do was change the pyjama bottoms into a pair of shorts. Which is a quick job of deciding on what length I wanted – this time I decided on just over the knee – cutting off the bottom, opening the side seam a bit to give a slit of around 2″.  The pieces that was cut from the bottom were trimmed down to make pockets.

Just turning up the hems and sewing on my machine didn’t take long.  I then pinned on the pockets and sewed them in place.

And that was the job done – One pair of knee length shorts to ware around the house.

Then I turned to the pyjama top, and out came my Screen Sensation screen printing items.

I decided to use the Plumage and Foliage screen. I used several different colours of the Screen Sensation inks.

The material of the top is a bit stretchy and did manage to move a bit while I was working on it, therefore there is a bit of a shaddow image in some places. But, having shown it to my Mother and both of us deciding that actually the effect was quite nice, I decided to heat set it with my small travel iron as it was (rather than washing off the garment and starting again).

This is what the screen printed image looked like.

And this is what the whole top looked like.

(I should habe photographed it straight after ironing, rather than putting everything I worked on that morning jnto a clothes basket and coming back later to pop them on a hanger and photograph, as it got wrinkled before I photographed.)


While I had my Screen Sensation equipment and consumables out I decided to do some more printing onto clothes and bags.  I need to crop off the photos I’ve taken of those other items and write a blog post about them, so please do pop back to have a look at them in about a week.


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