One More Tree

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Boxed Tree

I’ve shown you a few diffrent wire work trees I’ve made during the last few months, such as in the blog post – here.

This time I decided to gift it in a wooden box which I bought from The Works.

Not flat, but upright like this.

I won’t go through all the stages of creation this time, as I’ve gone through the adding stone chips and gwisting in previous posts. I’ll just say that I used – thin copper wire, Amazonite stone chip beads, battery opperated lights, stone, black and green cardstock, glue pen, silver foiling.

No decoration on the outside of the box because it won’t be seen when the box is opened to display the tree.  The inside was covered with black cardstock, putting some dots of glue around the inside right which were then covered with foiling to represent stars.  I also glued and foiled a quarter circle of cardstock which was stuck top right of the box as a moon just in view.  I printed out a verse from the creation story in the Bible and stuck it the other side from the tree.

So when opened to be displayed it looks like this.

You may be wondering why the green cardstock at the bottom right is curled outwards.

It’s because the bottom compartment needs to be opened so that the switch for the lights can be switched on.

Because this time I haven’t put the lights in the top to shine down on the tree, but rather I’ve wound it up the tree trunk and woven and twisted it around and between the branches of the tree.

So this is what it looks like when displayed with the lights on.


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7 Replies to “One More Tree”

  1. Beautiful crafting again Gwyneth. You are so talented. Happy Christmas to you and all the family. Jean xx

  2. Hi Gwyneth this is a stunning project. It just looks wonderful all lit up. Take care. Hugs. Jackie