Nativity – Part 1

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Nativity Christmas Project


A couple of months ago I had a discussion with the nephews about what we wanted to do in Sunday School ready for the Christmas service at our chapel.

They believe that they are too old now to dress up as any character from the nativity story. And they were seriously unimpressed with the video produced by the Bible Society that could be used in Christmas services. So we had quite a discussion about possibilities before a decision was made.

And that descision was Glove Puppets!

We discussed the scenes we’d want to create, which characters in the nativity story we’d need to create puppets for, and whether each character would be talking or whether a storyteller would narate the story while the puppets acted out the scenes.

The descision was to have a storyteller rather than have individual characters speaking.

We searched online for ideas and images we could use, including looking on Thingyverse for faces to 3D print out for our creations.

Once everything was gathered together I started the construction work – the nephews were busy with school exams etc., so it wouldn’t have been fair for them to have homework from Sunday School at the same time.

The “puppet theatre” itself needed to double as Joseph’s workshop/home in the first scene as well as the stable after that. The nephews thought that Joseph’s workshop would have hanging racks for wood. Therefore it needed a way to quickly change the scenery inside.

The decision was to use magnets. Two stuck inside the roof.

And two attached to the top bar of the suspended wood rack, that can be seen here with the other props for Joseph’s workshop and sleeping area – lots of wood and a bedding roll.

And here’s Joseph in his place. The decision was made to use a box and cut it to shape for our puppet theatr.  Going for a really rough, old building look.

The face used for Joseff was a file called Face by Mucugaro from Thingiverse.  The licence details that came up were as follows.

We realised that, if we did the hand puppet Nativity show as part of our Christmas story, anybody sitting in the back wouldn’t be able to see the small characters, so we decided to record the puppet’s activities ahead of time, and then edit, put together, and play around with the clips, adding photos and maps, until we had individual, short, video scenes, showing what we wanted.  The scenes, 5 short ones in all, were then shown on a screen at different points in the service, in between the hymns, prayers, and address from the minister.

Here is a link to the 1st scene – Golygfa 1 (It is in Welsh as we are Welsh and attend a Welsh medium chapel).

The face of the angel was 3D printed from a file called Female Face Mask – Rough Cut Stone by The_BeardBot.  The licence details that came up were as follows.


I’ll hopefully be back again during the coming week to show you more of our puppet characters, and perhaps another scene from the production.


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