Nativity – Part 2

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Nativity Christmas Project


In my Nativity – Part 1 blog post I told you that I had a discussion with the nephews about what we wanted to do in Sunday School ready for the Christmas service at our chapel. And I told you that we had decided on a hand puppet show, but we had realised that those at the back wouldn’t be able to see what was going on if we actually did the show as part of the service, so we had decided to pre record snippets.

Who knows what this is?

It’s one of a set of display stands I made so that the glove puppets could be displayed as part of a Nativity scene on the front table during the service.

This is the Joseph puppet I showed you in the scene in my previous Nativity post put onto his stand.

I got a stock image of a donkey to print, cut out and stand up in the stable.

I used some wood effect digital downloads from the pack – 12 Wood Papers Cu4cu – to print out and make the “wood” planks for Joseph’s workshop, as well as the manger and animal pen in the stable.

Jesus was made by 3D printing a dolls head out at a much smaller size, rolling up a bundle of cotton wool, and then wrapping around the bundle and head with strips of a sheet that I’ve cut up for crafting (the inner “glove” for each puppet was cut from the same material) glueing it in place so that it didn’t come apart.

And this is the whole display as it was set up during out Christmas Service.

We even had a little lamb 3D printed for the shepherds to give to Jesus – although, as our minister pointed out in the service, the Bible doesn’t actually mention the shepherds bringing a gift for Jesus.

I think this different method of going through the Nativity story went down quite well in the service last Sunday.

I think I may even put together a video of some of the out-takes for a post before long.  One that includes Mary head-butting the baby Jesus into the manger because he wouldn’t go in, and the Wise men head-butting Mary instead of giving her a hug.  Oh, and one of the shepherds managed to toss the lamb half way across the stable.  Keep an eye out for that in the next couple of weeks.


This is a list of the 3D files attributions.  We shrunk most in the Ultimaker Cura slicing software to make them a suitable size for this project.

The dolls head was a file called Doll Head by CreativeCoPilot.

The lamb was a file called Lamb by teentechsquad.

The face used for Joseff and one shepherd was a file called Face by Mucugaro from Thingiverse.

The face of the angel and Mary was 3D printed from a file called Female Face Mask – Rough Cut Stone by The_BeardBot.

Wise man’s face was Face Mask by TheFoundryTeam.

Another wise man and another shepherd was printed from Mark’s Face by brainwagon.

If I’ve missed any attribution for any 3D file we used please leave the details and Thingivers link below in the comments.


I hope you have enjoyed looking at our puppet creations and the few clips I put together of the puppets in action.


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