Blwyddyn Newydd Dda – Happy New Year

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Blwyddyn Newydd Dda 2019 Happy New Year
And A Giveaway

Hi to you, whoever you are, who is reading this.  A new year has started. Time to reflect on what has past and to plan for the future.

Do you make New Year resolutions?  I rarely do.

I just want to do whatever I can do, to the best of my abilities, bareing in mind that my health/disabilities, and their changeable nature, dictates what I can do from hour to hour and day to day.

I just want to do a variety of crafting, depending on how I am on any particular day, do some puttering in the garden come the summer, and perhaps do some re-organising of another room in the house (if you have visited before you may have seen that for 2018 my major project was re-decorating the spare room and make my own blankets, quilts, etc., for it.)  I don’t think it will be a room that requires a lot of crafted items though.

Today I’ve got what I put on the first, January, page of the Papermill Direct callendar I’ve given my mother to show you.

I’ve gone back to foiling using my ScanNCut for this page.

The background had a pattern from within Canvas put on the page 3 times side by side before drawing in glue and foiling with verigated green foiling.  I then coloured it in roughly using a green spectrum sparkle brush nib pen.

The topper panel was made using the ssme method – a frameing element from within the software as well as writing using in-built text. Gold foil this time, and again a sparkly pen was used to colour.

As the page headings are in English I decided to cover the month with a panel giving the Welsh month name (Last year I just wrote the Welsh names above the English word).  This time I stuck with gold foil and coloured using an alcohol marker.

Then it was simply a case of sticking everything together using fingerlift tape. I’ve left quite a bit of background showing as I’ve told Mam that it leaves room to add any photo she wants during the month.

Getting photo to show any spatkly or colour of foiling is difficult, do I’ve taken two photos in different lighting at a different angle.


Any of you ever found that you have bought two of something you are never going to need two of?  I’m not talking about something like a batch of glue and then find you’ve got most of the last batch put away somewhere safe, I’m talking about something that will last a lifetime and you only need one.

Well, while I was doing a bit of clearing up prior to Christmas I found out that I had bought two of the same CD-ROMs.  The Pollyanna Pickering Sketch Book Collection Chapter VIII ” Journey To The Southern Hemisphere”.

I think it happened because I didn’t have enough money for the whole of one collection when they came out, so only went for the CD-ROM.  But later on the price for the collection, that included toppers, backing papers, etc., was on offer, so I went for the lot and got the CD-ROM again.

So now I have two of the same CD-ROMs (one still in its cellophane wrap), and I want to give one away.  So what better than to do a giveaway on my blog at the start of the new year.


To be entered into the draw for the giveaway, all you need to do is comment on this blog post.  Just something along the lines of “I would like receive the CD-ROM” will do.  Also, make sure that you enter your correct name and E-mail address above the comment box so that I have a means of contacting you for your address if you are the lucky name that will be randomly drawn.  I will close the draw on 31 January, 2019, so plenty of time for you to put your name down – although I always find that doing it immediately, while in the front of the mind, is best, or I tend to forget to go back and do something.



If you want the CD-ROM, but are not lucky enough to be randomly drawn to get this copy, then, as I’m writing this the CD-ROM “Pollyanna Pickering’s Sketch Book Collection Chapter VIII Journey To The Southern Hemisphere” is available – Here!


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