Some WiPs and YouTube or Not YouTube

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Some WiPs and “To YouTube or Not To YouTube, That is the Question”

WARNING: Thus is a word heavy blog post, but I am starting with some crafting photos and I would appreciate your helpful input for the questions that follow.

Crafting WIPs

I haven’t got any completed work to show you today, only Works In Progress (WiPs).

This is the start of a new crochet blanket. It’s going to be all in one verigated yarn this time, and is for my bed. As you can see, it’s at a very early stage at the moment.

It’s crocheted in a standard “granny square” pattern, but this time I’m using the smallerst recomended size hook to make stitches smaller and closer together, rather than the largest size hook recomended which I used when I crocheted with this same type of yarn in the past.

I’m using this yarn.

I’ll put in more details when I do a complete blog post about this work.

This is a crochet project that is much further ahead. It’s going to be a shawl for me made from two rectangles of crocheted pieces.

One rectangle is nearly complete and the other nearly a quarter made.  This is a closer look at the stitch. a much more open stitch.

These are some stencils and silhouette stamps I bought recently. I’m going to have a bit of a play with these and some inks before long.  More playing to stick in a scrapbook of ideas rather than makeing an image specificaly for a card front I think.

An overflowing bag of boxes, clipboards, and other things to paint and embellish.  These are things for me to dip into when the mood takes me rather than a batch to make something specific from all at the same time.


My youngest nephews have been makeing videos of themselves farming, or riding, or playing computer games, anything they like doing basically, and putting them up to YouTube, for quite a while.

I’ve also worked on a couple of projects with them that we’ve made videos of and uploaded to my own YouTube space. (I’ll put links below if you haven’t seen them).

They think I should have a YouTube Channel where I upload videos of what I like – so basically a crafting channel.

So while I’ve been spending even more time in bed than usual, due to another infection in my damaged leg, I’ve been reading up and watching YouTube videos and trying to decide whether to go for it and make more use of YouTube for publishing videos than I have done in the past, or whether it isn’t worth the bother.

I’ve also asked crafters in two of the Facebook groups I belong to about suggestions of what they like or don’t like in a video. So in this blog post I’m asking everybidy the same.

Rather than re-writing I’ll just copy the post here –

QUESTION: I’m asking this question in several crafting groups wanting some input regarding YouTube Channels and Videos. My two youngest nephews are YouTube mad and publish videos of games they play, farming, etc. Basically anything they like doing, and they are keen that I make videos of crafting and things I like. I’ve got a couple of videos already up, so I know how to film, edit, upload, etc. What I would like to know is what type of videos you like to watch? Do you like to see the person speaking or creating in the screen all the time? Do you like the camera to pan down or zoom in when filming any crafting or the showing of any consumable or equipment used? Do you prefer any demonstrations filmed from the eye level of the person crafting, or do you like a demo filmed from directly above so you have a better chance of seeing everything? If you already make videos for YouTube, how do you manage to film from your own viewpoint or from above – if you do so? Do you like to see a longer video with every step of makeing a creation filmed and shown, or clips during the process but jumping over repitition, or speeded up over repeatition? Anything you find particularly annoying that you wish wouldn’t be in videos? It’s background music for me! What about links to where the products used can be found – stoping the creative process to carefully give the details in the video, overlaying the details, giving links in the descriptions below, or in an associated blog post? I’m not expecting to be uploading a lot of videos, but there’s no point in doing it at all if viewers find the video so bad or irritating that they don’t finish watching one video and certainly won’t come back. Any input greatfully received.

I know that regular uploading to YouTube is a good thing, but there’s no way that I can guarantee a scheduled rate of filming and publishing as my health fluctuates so much.  So I’ll be aiming for a bit of quality over quantity if I go ahead I think.

More Questions
  • Background – do you prefer watching a video with a plain white background, another colour, or a busy, as it is, room background? Personally, I prefer a background as plain as possible, but I’ve watched one video that was recomended to me where the chap was stageing the background with stuff on shelves, etc.
  • Closeups – When showing actual crafting, do you prefer realy closeups, say fingertips and flower shapes if shapeing petals, or backed up a bit so that whole hands are visible, or even further so that whole workspace is visible?  I’ve found that very close is a bit much myself and prefer zoomed in to hands shots, but I need to find out what prospective viewers would like.
  • Background Sounds – do you like the whole video to have background music?  Or background music for parts, or not at all? Do videos with daily living background noises such as dog barking, wind and rain on window, somebody else cooking, cleaning, crafting, annoy you and put you off a video, or don’t you mind?  I personally find it very irritating when the person vloging has a dog running round the same room, comming in and out of shot, and yapping. Fine if the vlog post is about the dog but not otherwise. Or when a kitchen timer goes off mid video, sometimes with the person stopping talking to the camera, calling out to somebody else to turn something off before re-starting saying what they were saying. To me kitchen timers are for cooking demo videos, and interuptions should be edited out. What’s your feeling about background sound?
  • Video Intro – do you prefer the same short intro or still at the start of every video from one person’s channel, to build up a channel identity, or do you prefer demo videos to jump straight into it? I’m finding myself that I quite like a consistent start to videos from the same chanel as I then know I’ve clicked the right video (especially when a person vlogs from different location and does different arty stuff at the start of their videos.)
  • Linking From Blog – when linking to videos from blogs, do you prefer a text link that will take you to YouTube, perhaps with a still from the video, or do you prefer the video to be embedded in your blog post? I did both for the two videos I’ve already uploaded and don’t mind either way myself, provided the link text makes it clear that I’m being directed off the blog to YouTube. But do you think more people will start watching if embedded?
  • Vlogger Moving Around – what’s you feeling about a vlogger moving around when doing a piece to camera, either with a steady mounted camera pointed at them or moving around with camera held in front of them and moving with them?  I’ve found myself, that as I get older and my sight and hearing gets worse, that I prefer a person to sit still in front of the camera, so that I can concentrate on what is being said, and I find pushing hair back from face or fidgeting with necklace very irritating, but people who are expressive with their hands while talking are mostly OK.

I’m sure I’ll have even more questions that I’ll be asking for input about while I’m in this research and planning phase.  But I’ve noticed that this post has got huge and I’ve not even shown you any crafting yet, so I’ll stop for now.

Links To Videos Already Up

The building of a 3D printer ; Video – here, corresponding blog post – here.

Scene from Sunday School Christmas glove puppet production (Welsh) : Video – here, corresponding blog post – here.


So, as you have seen, I have several crafting projects either already started, or planed with materials collected, as well as several more cards to make for the family, in addition to researching with a view to putting up some crafting videos on my YouTube channel, so keep an eye out for them, along with some other crafting projects I’m working on over the next few months.


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