Wirework Tree inc. Video

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Wirework and Semi Precious Stones Tree
inc. YouTube Video and Giveaway

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Tree Of Life Style Wall Hanging

I have new videos (Welsh and English versions of the same one) live on the Crefftau Maes Mieri Crafts YouTube channel today.

I decided to do a video to show one way of making the round framed, tree of life style, wall hangings I’ve been makeing.  I only tackle a project of this type when I’m feeling reasonably OK, but even so it took me lots of short sessions over 3 days to make the tree, but I’ve edited the video down to under 13 minutes, cutting out the shakeing hand and semi-precious stone chips flying all over the place because my grip had gone, so it won’t take you hours to watch how I made it.

While a set of jewellery pliers are good for this project, you could get away with using wire cutters and pliers from an ordinary tool set if you are makeing a large wall hanging. You would probably get markes on the wire you didn’t want, but OK if you are going for a distressed look tree.

I have made these types of circular ones smaller than an inch diameter before, and for that size you definately need the most dainty jewellery pliers you can find.

The other items I used were – Metal ring; Gold Coloured Copper Wire – 20 gauge; Gold Coloured Copper Wire – 26 gauge; Semi Precious Amazonite gemstone Chips.

You can see :

The Welsh Video – Here!

The English Video – Here!

This is what the creation looks like when finished.  It is around 14.5cm in diameter.

I do dome the centre up a bit while doing the final tidy up.  This means the wall hanging casts a bit of a shaddow onto the wall behind it and appears more dimensional.

I’ve even made a box, ready to be closed, addressed, and posted – see giveaway information below!

I’d love to see any wirework projects that you have hand made, so please do pop photos into the album I’ve created to go with this post and video.  You can find it – Here!

Blog/Facebook/YouTube Giveaway Draw

The winner of this giveaway has been drawn – winner details can be found – Here!

As it is only a short time since I announced that my first two (Welsh and English) Crafftau Maes Mieri Crafts channel YouTube video were live, and that I’d started a Page on Facebook to draw together the various Crafftau Maes Mieri Crafts online presences, I thought it would be a nice idea to do a giveaway draw as a sort of cellebration that I managed to actually get things started with my video making project, and not only get one, introduction, video done, but a couple of demo videos as well.

And what better thing for the giveaway than to give away the Tree Wall Hanging that I demonstrated in the video that is going live today.

I’m allowing up to four entries per person –

  1. Leave a comment below.  Any comment, provided it’s not Spam, or nasty – in fact any comment that makes it through my usual moderation, will go into the hat.
  2. Leave a comment on the album that goes with this project on my Facebook page – Here!
  3. Put a photo of any of your wirework projects into the album – Here! (Any wirework project, be it wire encased beads, wirework brooches, wirework lettering, etc. I do like to see what others are doing.  Leave a link to your blog post if you have one with details of your make.)
  4. Comment on either the English or Welsh version of the Wirework Tree videos on YouTube – Here or Yma! (I do want to know what you think of my videos, and if you have a suggestion of something you’d like to see me demonstrating then please let me know in your comment.)

That’s up to four chances to have your name in the draw.  I’ll be collecting the names together from each location on the 1st March, 2019, and drawing one to win the wirework tree.  The winner will be announced by the 3rd March in all locations.

Good Luck!


I have several bits of different crafting on the go at the moment, so keep an eye out for them over the next few weeks.


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18 Replies to “Wirework Tree inc. Video”

  1. This is fab well done. I have never tried this craft but this was inspiring. Thank you for scaring x

  2. OH! my goodness, that is the most beautiful tree I have seen – ever. Love the stones and colour, beautiful work Gwyneth.

  3. I can’t get into YouTube Gwyneth, only can see the video here, tried the Welsh one, same result? don’t know if it’s me or the link is wrong.

    • Not sure what is going on Faith. When I click on the links it goes to the relevant YouTube video, and the list shows that both of them have had views, so I assumed the links were working OK. Somebody has said elsewhere that she saw the video but couldn’t comment underneath it. Having just started the YouTube channel this year I’m not totally sure of all the quirks yet. I’ll put direct links to the videos on the Maes Mieri Crafts Page on FB and see if they work better.

      • Hi Gwyneth, I’ve tried clicking on the link to the album but am getting a message saying the connection isn’t working. Everything else seems ok.

        • I’ll have a look today and see if it’s just a temporary glitch for you, or whether it is something else. They did all work when I set it up, but sometimes computer stuff is just sent to try us. GG

  4. Hi Gwyneth this is stunning I love it. The video is brilliant. I often wondered how you made these. Now I know. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  5. I have always admired The Tree of Life & yours is stunning, haven’t watched your video yet, but I am subscribed to your channel, but will later. Congratulations on advertising & sharing your craft in such a creative way, it is no mean feat on getting it up & running. I look forward to following your craft journey & thank you for the chance of winning that lovely tree xx

  6. How beautiful Gwyneth. I will pop over to YouTube later to watch the video. Cathyx

  7. Great video Gwyneth. I really need to give this technique a try.

  8. Stunning work. Your video was really easy to follow.
    I would love to win this tree of life.

  9. Lovely work, as usual, Gwyneth. I’ve never attempted anything quite a large as your “Tree of Life” but maybe this will spur me on.x